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Boston Public

Tried looking for a thread of the same topic I saw around here somewhere but to no avail.

My bro and I watched the pilot episode of this another David E. Kelley creation. I loved it. I really like Jessica Gilsig as Lauren Davis. However, when I checked in imdb.com, I think she'd only be in the show until the 2002 season. Sayang naman.

Hmmmm - seems like I have something to stay tune into every Saturday night.



  • It's a great show! *okay* I watch it on Star World. I find some statements true and inspiring. Makes one really appreciate educators, especially in a setting like that.

    I also like the Lauren Davis character. Too bad she's only there 'til the 2002 season. :(
  • Teaching is a very admirable profession, IMHO.

  • yeap... i luv this show... eventhough sometimes they're plot is not that realistic to be in just in one eppy... they focus on issues that are very big these days... :)

    yea...gulat na nga lang meeh when lauren was gone... dami ng mga bagong cast ngayon... but it's still an xceptional show ;)
  • [grabs annoying officemate and pins against locker]

    IT'S NOT...FUNNY!!!!

    [glares at annoying officemate and spews marlboro-lights flavored hininga in his nose]

    YOU WON'T WIN...!!!!

    chi mcbride (as principal steven harper) kicks *****$!!!! *okay*

    fyvush finkel (as harvey)...very irritating. a lechon-deprived jacka$$. my brother likes him, though...

    jessalyn gillig (as lauren davis)...another potential mrs. lechon...

    the blob? irereto ko na lang sa annoying officemate ko... :silly:

  • Nakakatawa yung episode na may cheerdancing competition... hehehe daring yung sayaw nila! LOL
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