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Add'l info on Erin's "Androgyny"

All messages quoted from Survivor Sucks at EZBoard.

Thom Kha Guy says:
It also fits with my Ramakian thread where I speculated, rather illogically, that ERIN was Hamunan, the Monkey God Warrior, who is male, but reincarnated from a female. Hamunan is the figure in the mask featured in the credits. (The Ramakian is considered the National Epic of Thailand, though descended from Indian Hindu scripture. Hamunan is also greatly revered in Indonesia, where the story is often told with the famed shadow puppets.)

I speculated that the Final Two were Hamunan and Sita, the princess wife of the god Rama. Since the last face flashed is that of Sita, I speculated "she" wins. Hence Hamunan, Erin, is second.

Gregoire says:
Erin/Aaron - androgenous name

She is some sort of gender combination, and the clues are easily found in her "favorites page on the CBS site:

Favorite colors - Pink AND Blue (gender confusion)
Favorite magazines - Maxim, Playboy (huh?)

FAVORITE CANDY BAR - a Whatchamacallit?!

Habitrail says:
I think Gregoire has nailed it. In addition to the ones he mentioned, look at her movie choices (violent), her favorite book (written by a Man about being a Geisha), scents (fruity).

gab500 says:
No wonder she was picked last. Nobody could figure out what the heck she was.

Er(w)in did not audition for Survivor. She was approached "invited" by the producers.

Also ancestry.com lists an Erin Ashley Collins.
ID: I11348
Name: Erin Ashley Collins
Sex: M

LrdNeptune says:
Upon my searching for the Birth Records ... I have come up with the following ...

The only 26 year old Erin Collins living in Austin Texas is 'Erin Ashley Collins'. The only 'Erin Ashley Collins' born in Wichita Kansas was born a Male. I have the site if you wish to confirm all of this

More to come...


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