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Contenders game show on Arirang TV two pinoys made it

I Invite all of you to watch... feeling proud of our filipino friends in Korea.

Hi just watching my usual cable tv when I suddenly I stop on the arirang channel and saw two pinoy battling on the famous korean quiz show and boy they were good and come to think of it beating the korean nationals on thier own mainland.

A backround
Joan P. Mamangun, Neil Patrick L. Zerrudo
A Filipino couple working in Seoul trying to experience all that the beautiful country of Korea has to offer. They try their luck against other teams on Korea's foremost English language quiz show - the Contenders.

I invite all of you to watch and support our filipino kababayans on the contenders quiz show

Time slot Sundays at 10 pm at the arirang korean channel

and good luck to them

Link to the TV show



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