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cisco systems, philippines..

MariusMarius PEx Member #459 PExer
do we have cisco systems here in the philippines?

what jobs/job positions do they offer?

how's their rating/standing?


  • MariusMarius PEx Member #459 PExer

    very little information eh..[
  • blurredfringeblurredfringe RingCentral Phone System PExer
    im interested in cisco, what are the other possible careers in cisco aside from being a CCIE/CCNA?
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist PExer
    from what I know, Cisco Philippines is more of marketing and sales engineers. there's no R&D here if that's what you're after. thus, they hire people from the industry.
  • coZeecoZee Member PExer
    yup, cisco is more of sales sa pinas, a close friend of mine was the sales manager of cisco but recently resigned, overworked and no salary increase. shes now with network associates.
  • MariusMarius PEx Member #459 PExer
    oic.. more on sales pala ang cisco dito sa phils. thanks for the infos..

    so anu-anong mga networking companies ang based dito sa pilipinas na merong pang-R&D? meron bang lucent, bell, 3com?

    pa-share kung merong PExers na nagtatrabaho sa mga networking companies..

    (networking companies pa ba ang term para sa kanila?)
  • jericodjericod Member PExer

    I'm from Accenture recruitment, we're currently looking for Cisco Networking professionals (certified/trained).

    Send your resume to [email protected]

    Thank you

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