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Comicbook Movies

Hello everyone, :munch:

It seems a lot of movies right now are based on comicbooks.
I have this idea to make a list of these movies for people who like comicbooks and movies, just like me.
This task will be much easier if all PEXers will contribute. :beam:

So here's what we're gonna do:
Post the name of the movie and the comicbook in BOLD characters.
Post the producer and publisher in ITALIC characters.
Then write the summary/plot of the story.
Add any details and comments you want.
Its that simple.
Remember that it doesn't have to be only superhero movie/comicbook.
It can be anything just as long it is based on a comicbook. :spidy: :frank: :wolv: :batman:

C'mon, it'll be fun. :bounce:


  • Road to Perdition
    Produced by DreamWorks Pictures in 2002
    Based on the graphic novel of the same title
    Published by the DC Comics imprint Paradox Press in 1998

    The story is the journey of Michael Sullivan and his son after they were betrayed by the mob.
    When Michael Jr. witnessed his father participating in a mob hit, the mob made it clear to them that they must leave the city or be terminated.
    However, Michael has no intention of leaving without knowing the truth behind their misfortune.

    Although I haven't read the comicbook, the movie is so powerful in terms of conflict and emotions. Everyone gave a great performance. The sound and scenery are perfect for the story.

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