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A career in PUBLIC RELATIONS at BSMG Worldwide?

Hi All!

I got this offer from a "public relations" company called BSMG Worldwide Manila.

The thing is - I do not really know or understand the exact nature of this kinda business here in the country -- or what to expect in a public relations firm.

Anyone here who can enlighten me or share stuff about the company? (possibly their reputation and clients)

Thanks in advance.


  • Bea19Bea19 Member PExer
    hope you got my PM ;)
  • kireigonjinkireigonjin ano yan? ano yan? ano yan? PExer
    Sige na nga, sasagutin ko na nga thread na to...

    BSMG is affiliated with the world's largest PR company based in the US. While BSMG has a lean (and mean) manpower, its clients are big in their own industries: Singapore Airlines, Boehringer Ingelheim, Ayala Cinemas, to name a few.

    The people here (did I just reveal that I work here?) are great. Crazy, but great. The average age is 25. There are less than 20 people.

    We handle public relations, advertising, and event management requirements for our clients. We also offer crisis management (image maintenance), media relations, political assessment and management, research...In short, marketing communications.

    Companies which cut their advertising budget get a PR agency like BSMG to handle their marketing communications needs. Other companies which rely heavily in establishing good relations with the press to create favorable public image call on PR agencies as well.

    That's basically it. It's a fun job, that is, if you like meeting people.
  • Bea19Bea19 Member PExer
    ANG HRD nyo ba sa FCB rin? anong position mo pala sa BSMG?
  • maro11maro11 Member PExer
    Hey Kireigonjin,
    I am interested in working for an advertising firm. Post ka naman ng job openings der f meron pls. n kung ano yng requirements.
  • kireigonjinkireigonjin ano yan? ano yan? ano yan? PExer
    cornonthecob pahiram ng thread mo, ha? May mga nagtatanong e ;)

    bea19 Yes, you can apply through FCB, look for Marie (I don't know her last name). That way, you can apply for both FCB and BSMG, whichever has an opening. But you can also go straight to BSMG and ask for Monina (not me). I'm a copywriter/editorial writer there.

    maro11 First time mo? :D Joke lang ha, galing yan sa Coke commercial, e. Anyway, I don't know if FCB (BSMG's advertising sister company) has an opening. As for BSMG, I believe we are currently on freeze hire. But it won't hurt for you to leave your resume with covering letter.

    Good luck, job seekers!
  • Bea19Bea19 Member PExer
    ahh my sis works kse for FCB, kaya nahihiya akong mag pass ng resume baka pag tripan.hehhe
  • jackmcphjackmcph >>completed<< PExer
    :wave: guys.

    Can you post the office address of FCB and BSMG? Or please PM it to me.


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