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What comes to your mind pagbinanggit ang insurance?

Post your opinions here...ano tingin niyo sa life insurance? What is the first thing that enters your mind pag binanggit ito? Ako, I can say na life insurance is an investment. It is like saving your money on the bank ang pinagkaibahan lang mas malaki ang interest kaysa sa bank. It is a need not a luxury.


  • not really. if you fail to deposit your insurance installment on time, say goodbye to your money...
  • DEATH!

    Look, insurance answers for the inevitable. Wait until an insurance agent salestalk you. You will definitely hear the following phrases:

    INSURANCE guarantees funds in case of death..

    your property is protected when you passed away during paying period..

    Insurance will cover payment of so and so in case of accidental death or disability...

    ho-hum! i dont beleive in the sales pitch!

  • pesky sales agent. They wont stop til you get sick: then they will go, see with life insurance.. your hospital bill is paid for!
  • caporegime
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    Religion. The only real beneficiary (of your good deeds) being the ones you leave behind (mankind).
  • Seems everyone who posted here hates insurance. I personally admit ganun din tingin ko dati sa insurance but when I have gained proper knowledge about it dun ko narealize ang importance nito. The agents may do the sales talking but then think again what if what they have told you happened...what would you do?...Kaya ko nasasabi yan is because of my cousin. When my uncle died naghirap na buhay nila. I was thinking then if my uncle only got insured lahat siguro ng mga anak niya nakakapagaral ngayon at maayos buhay nila. Let me ask one question, bakit ang sasakyan naiisip ng tao ipainsure pero yung buhay nila parang walang halaga? Parang mas importante pa ang sasakyan kaysa sa buhay nila. Ba't kayo nagagalit sa sales agent, e ginagawalang naman nila trabaho nila. Hindi naman siguro lahat ng agent makulit no. Sometimes may pagkakamali rin yung agent pag magbenta they should never force their clients to buy insurance. If I'm going to be a sales agent what I would do is just share but not force coz its upto my client's decision kung gusto niya yung product o hindi.
  • not to get one. :):

    that's my initial reaction, but if and when the agent succeeds in getting my time and attention, i would just think that if ever . . . "i may not be the only one." :bungi:

    but i agree that it's only practical and for our own "assurance" of the future.
  • did the life insurance (for anne) primised 50 million pesos? i doubt life insurance coverage pays enough for a lifetime of leisure. Unless u pay a premium of about 1 million a yEar. then again, ill rather upgrade my car with that moneY!
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    ang una kong naiisip???

    for sure, hindi ako ang makikinabang!!!
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    rip-off :lol:
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    pera ... :deal:
  • devil__1.gif gastos lang at waste of time.
  • Gusto niyo ba pagdating ng araw at kayo ay nawala sa family picture niyo makita niyo naghihirap pamilya niyo sa bigla niyong pagkawala? Tingin niyo magiging at peace ang utak niyo pag nakita niyo nahihirapan pamilya niyo at sisisihin kayo ng anak niyo kasi hindi kayo nagpainsure? Kung ako, ayoko mangyari sakin yan. In my opinion, gumastos man ako, para naman sa pamilya ko yung ginagawa ko coz I love my family.
  • actually sabi ng mom ko: mark, u r a liablity. ang gastos mo. hehe i doubt na hihirap parents ko. hehehhe
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