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channel ka ba ng spirits?

i just realized that i am a channel.. well at least my cousin who has knowledge about this said so.

like i can feel if theres something wrong.. i am very sensitive about the "unseen" things, even if i take a long drive and pass by a town... i can tell if it is a sad neighborhood or whatever...

anyways.. i always got contacted by the spirits (usually my relatives) through my dreams... the last* and scariest one was the other night when my grandma tried to come inside my body... and i was trying so hard to reject it then its either i passed out or the dream was cut w/o me waking up.. im not even sure if it was a dream or not..

does anybody have the same experience? im not totally lost about this but im just curious....

*not sure if it will be the last though


  • if anybody knows anything about these things, i want to talk to you.

    please PM me.

  • me too channel ng mga spirits... ai alcohol pala sa akin. :)
  • Sweetkay
    Sweetkay looking for my next mistake
    Yes I am ...
  • Originally posted by Sweetkay
    Yes I am ...

    so... inaccept mo na maging channel ka or inignore mo lang?

    ginagawa mo ba yung gma pinapagawa sayo? yung mga favor na ina-ask nila sayo?
  • one common fault that i see among people in psychism is Association. They tend to associate things. That is why Einstein said religion without science is lame. (Note: Einstein is a Rosicrucian. )

    There are many kinds of dream states. There are many kinds of channeling states. Genuine psychics do not associate.
    Jaime Licauco usually test people before writting about them in his books.

    So i suggest that you find someone qualified in these matters. But beware there are fakes out there.

    (In other countries there are organizations that test you before they "certify" you. After that they give this piece of paper where it says "certified witch" and so on. Kakaiba noh? I even met this european lady who asked my friend to teach her how to heal. To prove that she had studied healing under him- she had to have a picture with my friend. )

    (roguester: alamin mo kung ano ibig sabihin ng mga pinapagawa sa iyo. Marami dyang loko. Kaya nila magpaganda ng aura. kala mo santo o ano pero demonyo pala. its really a complicated matter, you might end up "tying" your life. hindi biro maglaro ng ganyan.most people think its cool but they do not know the karmic consequences)

    Don't worry,there are people (psychics) who advise for free.
  • roguester
    *not sure if it will be the last though

    any new experiences?

    from radialhead
    if anybody knows anything about these things, i want to talk to you.

    pm me your contact number, i might be able to help
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