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Existing local Wiccan covens?

Im a solitary Wiccan practioner and Im just askin for some inputs regarding Manila Covens? Thanks..

I'm not here to debate about religion and beliefs..The post is addressed to Wiccan followers...

"By the bright circle of the golden sun,
By the bright courses of the errant moon,
By the dread potency of every star,
In the mysterious Zodiac's burning girth,
By each and all of these supernal signs,
We do adjure thee, with this trusty blade
To guard yon central oak, whose holy stem,
Involves the spirit of high Taranis:
Be this thy charge"


  • The Firefly Circle of the Noscielo Moonclair (FCNM) in an eclectic Wiccan coven with a dogma of Interfaith Studies in the Metro Manila area. Currently forming, our focus is to develop spirituality of the members and the community. Also, to promote self and environmental awareness, education, and service to the community through its members.


    I am Etana Laya Fonc?luna of the Firefly Circle of the Noscielo Moonclair. I'm inviting you to come and join us in any of our upcoming meetups, events, and activities. Visit our meetup group website at http://www.meetup.com/fireflymlameetup/

    Have a Blessed Yule season!

    Love and Light,
    Lady Etana Laya Fonc?luna
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