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console cafe, better ba siya or worse than lan gaming?

jtanjtan Demon Hunter ✭✭
what do you think?


  • hmm..

    i think lan gaming is better kasi one can own a gaming console at home and play with it alone... sa lan gaming.. usually u can also have games sa pc mo na pang lan kaso d den masaya if kaw lang mag isa...

    pero siguro having a cafe with network gaming tapos adding a few console units might be good... :)

    especially areas with lots of kids...
  • zimdudezimdude indietechartist PExer
    I think it's more for lower-income locations where the people can't afford their own consoles... the units would be cheaper (like if they're happy with PS1's) but they would probably break more easily...
  • CuteNixCuteNix Cute Member PExer
    i've been thinking of adding consoles to my network gaming shop in laguna...i've looked around kasi and they are sooo engrossed w/ the PS1...kaya i was thinking that if i put PS2 or XBOX here for sure mag click...
  • I think one thing you can get away with (esp. with newer gen. consoles -- PS2 & XBOX) is networked console gaming -- for the same reason that people, even those with high-end PCs at home, go to network gaming cafés to play.
  • jtanjtan Demon Hunter ✭✭
    i agree, can anyone recommend me where to buy ps2? probably yun naka modify na and no more swapping para less hassle
  • greenhills i think madami.. or sa xtreme games... pexer ata may ari si agwe23


    eto thread nya ... :)
  • nt_sportnt_sport . : c'',) : . PExer
    btw, just curious... what-ever happened to those 'family computer for rent' fad in the late 80's & early 90's? was it illegalized or did the business just die down?

    just a thought. i dont mean to be pessimistic. :rolleyes:
    yep it will work

    so much so that im also looking into it

    when i was 8 me and my cusin rented a family computer
    when i was 15 i was renting a playstation

    hmmm although the goverment tries to stop it it will eventually find a way to sprout out somewhere and make the operators money.

    i know of a legal provision in which a console cafe is perfectly legal.

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