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Dont CRY..... This is interesting

ey people... help me with this one naman oh... what can you say about this one... if you want just site an example in this quotation... pls. help me!!!! thanks!

If we live as we ought, we shall know things as they are, and that if we see things as they are, our vision will help us live as we ought.

This is not merely a creed for the learn. It is a faith w/c many simple folk have embraced.

Thus, philosophy provides men less with a faith by w/c to live than a scale of values to regulate their living.

These values can serve not only as ideas to guide the individual's life, but as ends to direct the action of all mankind.


  • bee stoic
  • we see things with the eyes of our values and philosophies in life. we can never separate what we believe in from what we do.

    the measure of our existence is in the utilization of our faculties as human beings and in the effect of such utilization upon other living beings.

    that's as far as i can understand from your query here.
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