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"DREAMCATCHER" the movie

abscbnabscbn PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
just saw the trailer at g4, theres no play date yet, am exicited to watch this movie, i have the book and am on the last part of it.

from what i saw, it was like reading the book, but visually seeing it. i hope they followed the book. i hope its give us the same feeling as reading the book, sometimes the movie doesnt capture the true sentiment of the book.

do you think theyll give justice to the book? i read somewhere that stephen king wasnt happy about the other novels that was made into films.


  • Just saw the trailer, too, earlier -- and it looks very interesting. Haven't read the book yet -- maybe I will. Stephen King is acknowledged as one of the greatest contemporary suspense / horror writers. A lot of films co-written by him or based on a book of his, while maybe he wasn't too happy about them -- were quite good: The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, Children of the Corn, The Running Man, Carrie, one could go on and on.
  • saw the trailer too, just yesterday - i want to watch it! :) interesting though, lawrence kasdan is directing it, wasn't he a producer for Indiana Jones? i'm watching it too coz i like one of the actors there - aargh, what's his name, the guy who played Alex Krycek in The X-Files? nicholas something? the canadian actor. he's cool.

    i'm not a fan of Stephen King kasi which is why i'll need a reason to see these kinds of movies :D
  • AmazingRaceAmazingRace PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    The X Files' Alex Krycek was played by Nicholas Lea but I don't believe he's in the Dreamcatcher.

    The Dreamcatcher cast includes Morgan Freeman, Thomas Jane (The Sweetest Thing), Jason Lee (Chasing Amy), Damian Lewis (Band of Brothers), and Timothy Olyphant (Scream 2).

    Got the info from Yahoo Movies.
  • i will definitely watch this one. the story somehow resembles "it," which incidentally is also by stephen king. the story is actually good, and though the novel seems to drag a bit somewhere in the middle because of too much useless "flashback"narration by king, i hope director lawrence kasdan will make up for whatever disappointment the book has.

  • excited n rin ako.. m a big fan of stphen king :D

    dami ngang disappointments s mga movies based on his books.. but this one looks promising (much like shawshank, stand by me)

    papano kaya nila papakita nanganganak ung isa.. i mean alien ung anak noh :toofunny: and lalaki ung buntis dyan ha :D c rick ata name non? the one they mistook as a deer during one of their hunting trips.. at cno ung may downs sydnrome? i saw the trailer once pero sandali lang..

    i dont think the novel dragged somewhere in the middle.. well para sa kin. i enjoy his story telling kc.. ok nga bec he kind of mixes the present future and past effectively.. mpapansin mo sa tense n ginagamit nya which is which.. basta ang galing nya :love: also love how he represents jonesy's mind.. ung roomful of boxes. galinggg

    sabi nga pala sa review ng book, 'x files meets stand by me' ung story :D totoo nga!!
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