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Papasok ba ang Brgy. Ginebra sa finals?

FineSTFineST tigakalis PExer
as far as we can see, the gins are doing so great. what do you think?

Will they survive the toughness of other teams? :)


  • hmmm we'll just have to wait and see..
    they just have to be consistent with their games...and kung yung quality ng games nila parang yung nilaro nila last night, pwede...pero shempre anjan ang tanduay and smb...mahirap na kalaban mga yun e!
  • The RockThe Rock Old school smackdown layer PExer
    Yeah right, keep hoping. but The rock does admire your loyalty to your team, despite the adverity they've faced the past few years. loyalty is always an admirable quality. Through thick and thin kung baga. Pero mahihirapan kayo... tarantado ang Tanduay eh.
  • Coolness^Coolness^ Member PExer
    we're loyal coz we believe they can do it...
    if it were a case where in just because they're losing and we don't support them na, then what kind of supporters are we? diba?
    we don't support ginebra para manalo sila...we support ginebra because we're thankful for how they play on the court...sometimes a championship isn't a measuring stick of how hard a team plays...pero if they do reach or even win the finals, then it'll be a big bonus for them and us?

    kaya nga team ng byana yung ginebra eh, iba yung spirit ng mga fans nila...and that's what matters..?

    although i agree that tanduay and san miguel are gonne be pretty hard to compete against...tanduay added hontiveros, cariaso and hatfield to their can you beat a team like that??
  • The RockThe Rock Old school smackdown layer PExer
    Well coolness, San Miguel just whooped the roody poo candy a s ses of that same Tanduay team.
  • JacobJacob nerd forever PExer
    They have to play their A game always to reach that spot.

    I'm expecting the Barangay to go to Bal David when they face Tanduay. Walang makakabantay sa kanya. Kawawa naman si Jason Webb, nagmumukha siyang ****. Now, their problem will be stopping Alvarado and Menk. Using Ong, Calpito, Dignadice and Crisano?
  • yehveybey_14_gsmbyehveybey_14_gsmb *represent!* PExer
    okay, okay.....were back on the seat where we are the ones who are nag-hahabol but if we loose hope and that if they dont reach the finals hindi naman kami ganun na.....we just leave them their behind thats not the attitude of a ginebra supporter, its about how they play on the court like coolness told us here......we cant just leave our team their on the ground and maglipat na ng ibang team thats not the point, there is some kind of charisma that ginebra has and the other teams dont see if we dont enter the finals so what diba?? its not the end of the world for us....ang dami pamg conference dyan dami pang season.....pba will be here for a long long time......without ginebra paano na ang pba!?? i think when they strive hareder this season....i think that they can reach the quarters and semis.....finals lang ang malabo..masakit man sabihin...... :( :D
  • msmenesesmsmeneses Member PExer
    let's just pray!
    kahit na nde sila makapasok sa twice to beat team oks lng basta kasama sya sa mga teams na papasok sa semis.

    May laban ang BGY. later hmmm against red bull excited na ako cguradong magpapasiklaban na naman si Bal David At Torion.. ;)

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