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Survey: If you were to buy a very unique neccesity product, what would it be?

Hey guyz i really need your suggestions about people's preferred product to be produced that would click to consumers. You may just describe a product then we will be the one to decide a name for it. We're from DLSU and we need to manufacture and sell products as part of our course so I hope you guyz take this survey seriously... Thanks to you all...


  • JediKnightJediKnight Banned by Admin PExer
    BM ka ba?! practi ba yan?! BM din ako from DLSU dati. boxer shorts binenta namin. di kami masyadong bumenta kasi medyo mahal talaga price namin. i don't know what product to recommend, pero nung time namin ang bumenta yung mga "lap desks" and gel candles. kung ordinary lang ang product niyo, dapat sobrang mura, kasi kung mahal, walang bibili niyan. pinakamaganda kung unique ang product niyo para kahit medyo mahal, bibilhin yan! yung mga pillows, comforters, bags, cd cases, lamps ...walang bumibili niyan!
  • SpyfratSpyfrat New Title: Member PExer
    gus2 ko uminom nang yakult na 8oz :glee:
    saka kumain nang oven baked garlic peanut :)
    pre paid card with a twist......

    on the air relaoding
    bayad nalang pag nagkita na kayo.
  • IcepunksIcepunks Member PExer
    something that will waterproof my electronics... gadgets... yung sure na hindi mababasa... or something that will make it dukot proof ... or shock proof ...
  • cbc22cbc22 Registered User PExer
    how about yung light na diretsong nakasaksak sa saksakan (siyempre, saan pa ba pwede? :D ) at wala na siyang cord.

    Pero meron siyang socket sa harap niya, para pwede pa ring magsaksak ng iba pang appliances sa kanya.

  • jpascjpasc Member PExer
    products na tipid sa kuryente gaya ng

    solar flashlight
    solar lamp
    solar TV

    da best products

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