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how do you teach po and opo to your kids?

i'm sorry...i can't use po and opo without feeling a bit awkward, so i use ho and oho. i dunno what's the difference, pero how do you teach the kid po and opo? especially today when they can't hear it from anyone anymore


  • sa pagkakaalam ko, pareho lang yan. saying po/ho or opo/oho is a form of respect to elders and to other people (kasi i use them also when speaking to people who i do not know personally). the way to teach kids is thru example. dapat parati ka nilang naririnig na gumagamit ka ng po at opo. at first, i even "po" and "opo" them para gayahin nila. :D
  • MJMJ PExer
    by being an example to your kids!
    "kung anong nakikita sa matanda ay ginagaya ng mga bata"
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
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    Lug-a-Lug, I don't think there's a difference between "po" and "ho". :)

    I agree with GForce and MJ, the best way is by being an example.

    I used to find it weird when I'd hear some moms and dads calling their kids "kuya" and "ate", but I realized that they were just doing that so that the younger ones will follow them. :)

    The nice thing about setting an example is that to the kids, it's not an outright 'lesson', which sometimes is a negative thing for them.

  • I don't have kids yet (coz I'm still single), but I do teach my nephews and nieces how and when to use 'po', 'opo', 'ho' and 'oho'.

    There's no difference actually.
  • hmmm.. I've wondered about this. What if you're strictly English speaking. How does that translate??
  • I agree that the best way to teach is to show by example. When my 4-year old kid sees me and my wife saying "Po" and "Opo" to Lola and Lolo then it drives home the point.

    Kung strictly English speaking then I think it more or less translates into "Please" and/or "Kindly". I had several conversations with my kid on how come his favorite "Star Wars" characters do not say "Opo". Like Anakin does not say "Opo" to Shmi Skywalker. It was hard to explain but I just highlighted that for English they use "Please" or "Kindly".

    Something that helped us recently in stressing the importance of saying "Po" and "Opo" is when we watched Asimo (Honda Robot) in Edsa Shag mall. When the emcee was talking to Asimo, s/he quickly replied "OPO" !!! Nagulat yung kid ko and he looked at us with a smile. :)
  • We are raising our kid on Tagalog precisely so he can use po and opo. (Which, aside from please and kindly, can also translate to sir and ma'am, i think, but it's a rough translation. I don't think there's an exact English equivalent.)

    We are starting young, po and opo are one of the first words our kid is learning along with the usual dodo, karga, sama. Everytime our kid wants something like karga, we make sure he uses po before we budge. The need for the po is emphasized when we say, "Ano'ng karga?" , then he says "Karga po" and only then do we pick him up.

    Oddly, my wife and I use po and opo with everyone older, except our own folks and uncles and aunts. (But when speaking to in-laws, po and opo are flying everywhere hehe) We're trying to change that with the little one. Which seems to be working to a fault now because he uses po even when playing with big kids ("Hiram po, hiram po").
  • yah, same here.. with my in-laws I still use "po" and "opo". It's weird coz my wife and I both speak Tagalog but we never speak tagalog with each other.. :lol: So, chances are, even if we wanted to teach our kids tagalog it'll just never happen. Of course, this will be unintentional. We, rather, my wife, will most likely stress learning Tagalog. The usage of "Kindly" and "Please" is a definite must. And I intend to include Table etiquette with that while they are young - especially the "May I be excused?" bit..
  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    to f0r5ak3n. just wanna share this. it amuses me here (in our Church) the kids were taught by their filipino parents to use "po" and "opo" when conversing with their elders. Usually the kids here suffix the po/opo after their statements.

    you ask them: "Hello, where is your mom?"
    they answer back: "My mom went to Walmart po."
    then you ask: "Oh, do you know what time will she be home?"
    they answer back: "about after an hour po."

    Its kinda awkward hearing it in a straight english grammar and diction (as Filipino kids were born and raised here) but it really warms your heart knowing that the very essence of Filipino values (respect, that is), is never gone in the Filipino families living overseas. :)
  • aajao: I agree.... Although, as a Filipino adult living in the States, you also have to have that open mind that when kids of the US are speaking with you, even without that po/opo, they are not being disrespectful. Actually, that's what I don't understand, how is not saying po/opo being disrespectful in the context of Filipino culture?
  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    i'm not sure either but i think we just grew with it po. ;)
  • nye... I'm only 18 Jon. :lol:
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