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counterstrike vs. baril-barilan

dampildampil Member PExer
I often ask myself "Ganito na ba talaga ako katanda?!?"
I remember as a child that life was much much simpler than it is now.
'Di ba the aim of high tech is to make life easier, simpler; take a look at the kids of today. Sure they may have better technological skills but I am shocked by the disintegration of their values. (I wish not elevate this to a moral discussion; I don't want to be a self-proclaimed moral guru!)
Just a few days ago I saw a group of 6-8 y.o. boys playing a LAN game called counterstrike... I asked them if they have ever played baril-barilan, to my surprise none of them even know the mechanics of the game. When I told them that it was similar to counterstrike...only that it is a make-believe game in a physical environment, I saw in their eyes the question .."What the hell is this guy talking about?"
It seems that all the games we used to play as kids like piko and patintero will be lost by 10 or less years. By that time, the kids may only experience playing those games as special game events or in a special P.E. class.
The traditional game is just one of the many things lost. Much of the traditions and values are lost with it... present only in heart and mind of people who enjoyed piko, patintero and baril-barilan like me.

-im 23
-am i really that


  • candyraincandyrain dreamer PExer
    hey dampil..that was such a philosophical way of looking things, but yeah, i hear ya. i'm female but gawd!!!!! :D i used to play baril-barilan (and all other guy games like tex and patuan, at that.. hee hee). i miss the simple childhood thrill of runnin down the street in rubber spartans (sometimes, even barefoot)in the afternoons, just playin and collecting knee scrapes. *sigh*

    it's sad tho that kids today no longer play the games we grew up playing... come to think of it, i no longer see patintero lines in streets around here anymore...
  • roosevelt69roosevelt69 Member PExer
    i'm 20+ and i still enjoy playing baril-barilan but not with the old plastic toy guns or tree branch but with a paintball gun. Playing in paintball fields always bring back memories of our old school yard...
  • MongrelMongrel Member PExer
    ...when u play counterstrike walang napipikon..dahil patay kung patay ka...wala yung na "una kitang nabaril"...which usually is the start of fights...

  • MongrelMongrel Member PExer
    :ekk: i think i spoke too soon.... meron nag-away sa network gaming shop namin last Monday...tandatanda na na pikon at nag hamon ng suntukan sa labas...tapos bumunot ng balisong....fortunately wala namang ngyari.
    I find counterstrike fun. Only problem is that it seems to suggest that violence is not painful. Para bagang sinasabi sa subconscious mind na: 'Oks lang na magsaksakan o magbarilan -- may next round pa naman!'. This is a dangerous suggestion.

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