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Do you believe/practice Feng Shui?

newbiew27newbiew27 Member PExer
If you do, what practices do you observe?


    I really can't say that I do not believe or do not practice Feng Shui per se because I still believe that we make our own destiny, we determine our success by our works/deeds and not one based on inanimate objects.

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  • Rocky RoadRocky Road Sugar Roll PExer
    I do believe and practice in a way. I have a big aquarium for water, I light candles almost everytime i'm home or at work for fire and I have lots of plants inside and outside the house for nature. Also, I got my office re-painted with black and white only.
  • JaydeJayde Pexer PExer
    i don't believe in feng shui but i do practice it..ironic isn't it? i think i was influenced by my mom..cos she told me that there's no harm in observing such things..and besides what's there to lose...anyway our beds don't face the door and is situated such that the early morning sun can shine through the windows...also though we've lots of plants about everything's kept nice and tidy..and then there's lucky charms or pictures hanging around the place.

  • EternaEterna Chances Are PExer
    I definitely couldn't say if the chi in feng shui has a great influence in the way i arrange things but i definitely feel a lot comfortable with order and symmetry,it makes life a lot easier.
  • LEDLED Member PExer
    ako 50-50 lang di ko sure kung effective o nag gogoyo lang mga intsik eh
  • yes, certain parts of the house had been feng shui'ed by a master... like water in front of the house - and furniture arrangements...

    Do you know that casinos in Vegas follow the Feng Shui - all owners hire feng shui masters to design their hotels, especially the entrances - para mas maraming pera pumasok na $$$...

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