Do you get bored?

oweynge121oweynge121 Member PExer

Well,at this point i've come to realize that am bored with my life. Its like everyday is the same!!! walang pagbabago, walang thrill!!! nakakabored. Everyday i wud wake up early so ill not be late, ill go to school, study, take test, get the same grade, then go home, eat, sleep, watch tv... every single day is like that!!! Buti pa nong nag baballet ako!!! may thrill!!! hay...
icao do you get bored?


  • PePe_LePewPePe_LePew Member PExer
    Much too often I'm afraid. But at least you don't run out of things to do when you're bored. Go wallclimbing or just do something spontanous. Hehe... :)
  • adlawadlaw gi-atay. PExer
    i don't get bored.

    i actually like those free times i seldom get.

  • YoBaKsYoBaKs @$(&@)%(&@()%& PExer
    why don't you try to hook up with some other things? there's a lot of things waiting out there to be explored! meet new friends, learn to cook or bake, read books...hmmm being bored will not do you any good...lalo mo lang nafeefeel na Lonely ka? :)

    peacelove and godspeed! angel.gif
  • ChiQuiChiQui Member PExer
    I'm the type of person that has to be always doing something. Or at least you can't keep me idle for long. I wish I could be a homebody but I get sooo bored.
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL procrastination specialist PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Yep. I get bored easily. Madali ako masawa.
  • ZenZen Member PExer
    I'm always bored...
  • Steven20Steven20 Member PExer
    yeah, i get bored A LOT. I suggest learning to play a musical instrument. guitar or piano... coz it's something you can do alone and it's fun! :)
  • rorsrors smash mo mukha mo :) PExer
    yup, i get bored sometimes with the routines i have to go through everyday. sometimes, i read pocketbooks or play the guitar (which i'm not so good at :D).
  • MikebravoMikebravo Member PExer
    OO naman, wala yatang taong hindi nabo-BORED :)
  • brownpaubrownpau Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    For some strange reason, I haven't gotten bored for almost two years. There's always something for me to do. Do the laundry, cook, read a book, pray, go out and walka round ATC, igib-tubig, sign people's guestbooks on the Net...

    Gosh, something always pops up. I haven't had a chance to be bored for a long, long time.
  • virgo14virgo14 Member PExer
    i easily get bored with certain activities too but when that happens i just shift to doing something else. i can't say i'm ever bored with life. there's just too much to do! if you're not enjoying yourself, you should try to do new things and discover what it is that you really enjoy. there aren't enough hours in a day for me. i feel like i'm perennially 'surfing' through life. :)
  • LesLes Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Sure, I get bored. After reading some anatomy stuff for hours, I turn the computer on and go to PEX - the most entertaining hodegepoge of serious, mundane, wacky, and often hilarious stuff :D .
  • RöttenMindRöttenMind Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
  • sagosago Member PExer
    i feel bored lang kapag paulit-ulit yung ginagawa ko everyday...
    so, sometimes, rather most often, pumupunta ako sa isang lugar na i can do what ever i don't usually do...
    life in school gets me badly bored,,, wala na bang ibang way to attain diploma na you don't have to go to school... yung mga teachers ang rason eh angry.gif... always giving you headache grrr.gif grrrrrr...
  • oweynge121oweynge121 Member PExer
    brownpau: are you from las pi?as? blush.gif

    I am!!!!!!! ang galing!
  • yehveybey_14_gsmbyehveybey_14_gsmb *represent!* PExer
    oo naman! op cors i get bohred! kaya nga para mapawi ang ka-boredan eh andito ako sa harap ng computer ko ng ilang oras para makapg-libang! ;)
  • carliecarlie curly fries! PExer
    Yep! I do get bored. I don't think that just because yo have a lot to do, you can't be bored. I'm bored although I know there are a lot of things to keep me occupied. It's just that sometimes things get too routine sometimes. And it gets to me. We all need time to loosen up a bit and free yourself from everything.
  • xywizxywiz The Red Tiger PExer
    Yeah...but jacking off seems to be the cure!

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