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what do u [prefer to] wear when taking a shower/bath ?

oort cloudoort cloud Member PExer
my first topic? hmmmmmmm ...

i find it more refreshing when i shower fully naked :D

kayo ? :)


  • rorsrors smash mo mukha mo :) PExer
    meron ba talagang naliligo with something on? i take a bath naked. i guess everybody else does. :D
  • yax-ytterpyax-ytterp ??d?zz????",2,"f93f4e1a0e8402088d31696886123f9fwhH
    yeah, me too! hirap naman maligo ng may damit no... lol.gif
    Everybody bathes/showers in the nude. Haven't met a weirdo yet. ;)
  • oort cloudoort cloud Member PExer
    Originally posted by rors:
    meron ba talagang naliligo with something on? ...

    yep ... i think so, specially those who live in dorms / rented rooms or apartments shared w/ friends :D

    and in open bathing places (common sa probinsya, where i'm from) ... bathing fully naked is something u can never? do :eek:

    [This message has been edited by oort cloud (edited 06-25-2000).]
  • adlawadlaw gi-atay. PExer
    umm. nekkid.
  • uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PExer
    I don't wear anything.
  • kmunsterkmunster Member PExer
    when i was living in my high school dorm, i always wore rubber slippers (u never know what could be growing on the tiles)

    here at home well i wear nothing...
  • maxwellmaxwell Member PExer
  • heartbreakerheartbreaker Member PExer
    yummy.gif butneikid!!! yummy.gif
  • eboyeboy Member PExer
    I can't understand how anyone would actually prefer to wear something/anything while taking a shower......:lol
  • AnaliAnali Just visiting PExer
    Bathing suit
  • kayikayi Member PExer
    is dat a kwestion? hehhehehe... wa oi! nating as in nating para mas kewl! (as long as nasa loob ka ng bathroom hehehehhehe...)
  • Steven20Steven20 Member PExer
    are u supposed to wear anything?
  • vctorvctor pinoyclicks.net PExer
    just soap suds and shampoo :cool:
  • sha™sha™ Member PExer
    HEHEHE...i luv wearing my skin....that's all! i find it uncomfortable wearing any article of clothing when taking a bath or shower...even after swimming, and u take a bath or shower in a public place dba it's so uncomfortable???!!!!!
  • bongnpinoybongnpinoy Democrat for President PExer
    Condom............. Joke lang!
  • GForceGForce Grounded PExer
    rubber slippers with spikes lol.gif *kidding*
  • [a]n[g]el[a]n[g]el Member PExer
    naked!!! :D

    why? should you wear something on?? :confused:
  • Y_U_J_I_NY_U_J_I_N waha?! PExer
    Mas masarap maligo ng HUBAD ano?!

    Pero mas masarap maligo pag may KASAMA mo gf mo sa banyo! LoL
  • brownpaubrownpau Member PExer
    sa banyo namin, kailangan talaga ng tsinelas. The bathroom floor in my apartment is super-filthy.

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