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What would be YOUR famous last words?

Dan BlazeDan Blaze Member PExer
Ewan ko lang.

If you were to say something before "going"...what would it be???



  • MJMJ Malaking Jird PExer
    ...**** happens... boom.gif
  • SourPussSourPuss gagah gurrrl! PExer
    Actually, I don't know. I want to come up with something really gaga just like O. Henry.

    On his deathbed, ito ang sinabi ng naghihingalong bakla.
    "Either that wallpaper goes, or I do!"

    Tigok! silly.gif
  • hudyathudyat feelingstrangelyfine PExer
    Goodness, I think I'm going to be a God.

  • MomonMomon momonmomonmomon PExer
    maybe something like "I'll be back"
    or "I shall return" or maybe "see you in the afterlife..."
  • tRiStAntRiStAn Member PExer
    You're next.
  • NoesisNoesis D' magical dragon =) PExer
  • XiaoyuXiaoyu Courtside Princess PExer
    "Mumultuhin ko lahat ng tatalo sa Shell..."
  • Road DoggRoad Dogg Smell My Face!!! ✭✭✭
    I had rather be a toad and lived upon the vapour of a dungeon than to keep a corner for my love for other's uses!

    Hmmm...I think it doesn't make any sense!
  • rorsrors smash mo mukha mo :) PExer
    I'll see you around, dudes.
  • flydermanflyderman Prendli Neyborhud PExer
  • adlawadlaw gi-atay. PExer
    bye bye...
  • Steven20Steven20 Member PExer
    Ciao. :p
  • Mister DeanMister Dean www.GannsDeen.com PExer
    "Doctor, tell me I'm finally underweight."

  • Minus HumanMinus Human Member PExer
    I'm crossing the Great Divide, where my Maker waits. I'll be seeing you on the other side.

    goth-home.gif Barely breathing
  • E[nigma]E[nigma] Member PExer
    don't touch that button !!!!!! *BOOM*
  • bugsbunnybugsbunny ONE BIG FIGHT! PExer
    Originally posted by Xiaoyu:
    "Mumultuhin ko lahat ng tatalo sa Shell..."

    hehehe...funny... :D

    ako siguro... ewan.... magiisip muna ako...
  • green gringreen grin Member PExer
    "hey, isn't that a mushroom cloud headed our way?"
  • ioram17ioram17 Member PExer
    "Please don't read my diary.. please..."
  • Dan BlazeDan Blaze Member PExer
    "I shall return"

  • FarOutFreakFarOutFreak deranged hermit PExer
    "I'm ready."

    That, or "Look both ways before crossing the street..."



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