grass root changes

whoboatwhobadwhoboatwhobad I am fully dressed PExer
We all clamor for changes,some wanted to change the for of government,some wanted to change those in the reign of governance.Some also wanted to change the pambansang awit...

So what kind of changes do we really need?Or where should these changes start?My father (may he rest in peace), used to say,Philippines will go nowhere unless they reform themselves.He means,change should start from the grass root, in our ownself.And i think he is right.Had we done it,i guess, Erap will not be our president. ...

Anong say nyo?


  • adlawadlaw gi-atay. PExer
    tama ka, it should start with the self. no amount of outside cosmetic changes could ever improve our country, when the people who make it up are lazy, uneducated, and lacking in personal pride.

    kaya nga, before we raise our voices and groan to heaven to rid us of erap, we ought to first rid ourselves of our dormant spirits.

    work, pinoy, work!
  • fossil7fossil7 fossile sept PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    very well said guys. wala naman sa constitution or national anthem, or kung anu-ano pang national subjects ang problem. nasa mga pinoy. nasa naggogovern, and nasa ginogovern. kahit gano ka ganda ang consti, ang anthem, at kung anu-ano pa, kung di naman itatama ng mga pinoy ang ways nila accordingly, mapa sa government pa sila or just plain citizen, bale wala rin tong mga to. so i guess the change must start from us. stop pointing fingers on anyone and start asking urself. tama ba tong ginagawa ko? nakakatulong ba ko sa pagusad ng bayan natin, or gaya lang din ako ng iba na makasarili. lets start working with it right now. di pa naman huli ang lahat, para sa taong gustong may mabago, at sa taong gustong magbago.
  • whoboatwhobadwhoboatwhobad I am fully dressed PExer
    O kayo dyan, anong masasabi nyo?Kontento na ba kayo sa sarili nyo?

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