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michael jackson: artist of the millenium



  • It was stupid. They invented an award so that Michael will have a reason to show up.
  • sabi knina sa radio, it was just supposed to be a birthday greeting kay MJ.

    siguro sinamahan na nila ng award para di magselos ibang artists sa kanya. :lol: di bale, MJ is MJ. wala na siya kelangan i-prove pa.
  • it was definitely a big mistake for him at the mtv awards. yup minesweeper ur ryt, it was supposed to be a birthday tribute for him. britney spears just made up the title "artist of the millenium" which michael took literally. such an award does not really exist. but what do we know? maybe in the future! :D
  • pro diba may pinahawak sa kanya na parang trophy na kinuha dun sa cake niya ? :lol:

    nakakapagtaka naman tlaga bakit siya eh. deserving siya pero may iba pang deserving din diba? pano na beatles, si elvis p, frank s. tsaka kung sino-sino pang oldies... siguro ginawa nila yn para umattend si MJ sa VMA... :rolleyes:
  • patawa lang yung trophing yon! mukhang gawa lang nga sa styrofoam yon eh, hehe! deserving nga sya, problema wala naman talagang ganong award. mali lang talaga yung ginawa ni mj.
  • I saw this too!!!
    it was so embarrassing coz he even got thank you list....
  • I think if there is anyone responsible for it...Britney should not come out of this unscathed...I mean, if she won't be gushing over MJ publicly like a dole eyed fan and giving too much blah blah on him, MJ won't have misunderstood it. Syempre naman, after hearing to much praises to introduce you plus giving an "honor" with matching trophy-like gift...aba syempre, akala, may surprise award sya! :rolleyes:
  • for all mj's weirdness, i still pity the guy! grabe, may thank you list pa siya..

    no one deserves to be humiliated like that!

    heads should roll!
  • nakaka-awa naman si Michael Jackson
  • Haha.. I was really laughing my head off when I saw it! :lol: It really was just a birthday tribute for him.. and not an award.

    But it was embarrassing for MJ's part.. I guess. :blushing:
  • ah, MJ... the jim carrey of the new millenium...

    :grinroll: :rotflmao: :rotfl: :lol:
  • ngayon kayo tumawa tsk tsk :shakehead:

    anyway let's pay tribute to the King of Pop

    Michael Jackson 1958-2009 :(
  • goodbye michael jackson. I was 6 when he visited the Philippines.
  • malamang ako hindi pa pinapanganak :D
  • bye michael :(
  • It still feels like a part of my past also died when I heard about MJ's passing... I grew up listening to his songs, all of which were such big hits. Whatever decisions and mistakes he made when he was alive, one thing for sure was that he was a gem of an artist. Nobody will ever compare to him. Nobody can ever replace him. May God rest his soul. :mecry:
  • ^^ ditto :(
  • Goodbye, MJ!
    nakakasad talaga. grabe ngayon lang ako naiyak sa pagkamatay ng isang entertainer.:(
  • kahit naman sino maaapektuhan sa pagkawala niya. nothing compares to his talent. despite the scandals and everything, i think he's still a good man. nakakaawa nga kasi i can see he was lonely practically his entire life. rest in peace mj. you'll be dearly missed by many. :(
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