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read's stupid!

Ben_DiabloBen_Diablo Member PExer
just surf in to this pathetic site and DAMN! this is what i found out! just want to share it with you guys...anyway i dont wanna waste my time here! like i what i said before...i just wanna share it to you guys! Bare with your Humbleness!


As all of you already know, the Philippines is the crappiest country in the world. Where else can we find things like dancing cops, gay beauty contests, and actors for presidents? Nowhere but here, buddy. You would think a country whose names starts with "The" would pack a punch or at least have something good about it, but nooo, all this country has to offer are truckloads and truckloads of squatters.

Now you may wonder, "What can I do to save us from this cesspool of humanity called the Philippines?" And the answer is squat. Nothing we do can ever make this country a habitable place. Sure we can put all the squatters in a large open space and set them on fire, but more squats will just pop up. We can take all the stupid ****-sucking queers and stick 2x4's up their butts but they're probably gonna love it.

So, what then is the problem with this country? Lots of stuff. First of all, the fact that we, as a people, altogether suck. there are no good things about us, nothing that sets us apart. Plus the fact that some Filipinos can live beside a mountain of trash and make a living from it is pathetic. Oh, you can say that instead of mouthing on about it we should do something to help them. How? Giving them more crap to burrow into and eat? What we should do is put them all on an island and leave em there. What the **** good is 7 thousand whatever islands if you can't use them to abandon poor, helpless squatters? Even better if we can out em on one of those islands that disappear during high tide. That would be fun. hehe....

Another reason this country isn't going anywhere but in the crapper is the whole dialect system. When I leave the general metropolitan area all of a sudden I feel like I'm in China. I can't understand one freaking word anyone says. If we can't agree on how we talk then how do we expect to leave the Stone Age? I went to this place and this guy came up to me and said something like, "Woooh, plik plak plook twang twang." What? What the **** are you talking about? He kept on saying crap like that so I kicked his ****. I was pretty sure he was saying something bad about me. ****.

Basically what I'm trying to say here is that if you have any common sense whatsoever, halfway through my ranting you would have stopped and gotten packed and ready to leave the country. Anyone with an IQ above 12 would realize that the smart thing to do is move to another country as soon as possible.


it's pathetic isnt it...


  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator ✭✭
    pinoy ba nagsulat niyan??? sunugin!!!!
  • virtualaravirtualara Banned by Admin PExer
    I dunno about this, Ben_Diablo. Weren't you volunteering to contribute occult and humanism material to this guy's upcoming website in another thread?
  • virtualaravirtualara Banned by Admin PExer
    i was gonna say that the page you got it from is by the same guy, but never mind. i was probably wrong anyway.

    why bother?

    <;lara washes her hands of the affair and disappears.>;
  • sha™sha™ Member PExer
    uhmmm hahaha! he's a chicken! he just can't face probs in our country, so he's just tollerating it! saying crap about stuff, solutions, etc...
  • GlockGlock Mikey PExer
    You know the sad thing about this article? and why it's so frustrating and "pathetic" as Ben Diablo puts it?....because it's True
  • Assassin_MageAssassin_Mage Warmonger PExer
    I dare say that he has the right to his own opinion.

    Only thing I can say is, he is angry and he is simply venting his anger on the faceless mass instead of facing the real source of his anger.. it shows..
  • fossil7fossil7 fossile sept ✭✭
    maraming totoo sa mga sinabi sa itaas... totoo rin na hari ng kaduwagan ang umatras sa mga problema. gaya ng sinusuggest nung sumulat...
  • Ben_DiabloBen_Diablo Member PExer

    i dunno if a fellow Filipino wrote this essay, but i have a strong feeling that he/she is a Filipino




    maybe you're right, maybe you're wrong...who knows?


    at some point YES! but not all the events he has mentioned only occurs in the Philippines...


    obviously YES!


    to all of us YES! it is an act of cowardness if we choose to escape our problems rather than facing it...but why do some people chose it????

    [This message has been edited by Ben_Diablo (edited 06-28-2000).]
  • GlockGlock Mikey PExer
    Frankly I'd have this over the writers who try to cover-up this country's foul odor by sweet and rosy, BS writing... Basically being about squatters, why not see this article as a call for action?
  • JUST_JTJUST_JT Banned by Admin PExer
    Looks like Mr. Anti-Pinoy has been around for a while....

  • turatko!turatko! Member PExer
    Dati pala nag popost din ang mga mods sa mga threads.. Ngayon kaya bakit hindi na.? O baka naging moderator lang siya lately..

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