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This Happens to Me A lot!

ascotascot Goldmember PExer
Wala naman, just came across my mind.... Here's a situation ( inspired by those Sprite commercials! Pero dito ko nalang ipo-post! )
Let's say you just got a new shirt or pair of jeans from aborad ( or you bought one )and you wanted badly to wear it to work or school the next day...

Wearing your new clothes in school or at work, you were asked to present something in a meeting or in front of the class. Then, suddenly, everyone laughs at you. Yun pala, you forgot to take those price tags and labels off your new clothes.... What will you do?


  • acridmouthacridmouth Member PExer
    Laugh along with them lol.gif. Be a sport.
  • LadyMarmaladeLadyMarmalade Member PExer
    i'll do the same, laugh and then take the price tag off right there and then :)
  • Ronnie23Ronnie23 FreeBSD rocks! PExer
    i agree with acridmouth and LadyMarmalade...

    when confronted with situations like this, it's a bit embarrassing for some people... what i suggest is to turn it to your advantage... you could either laugh with your friends about it, or you could say something like "trabaho ko kasi na mag-pose na model sa isang department store, eh..." or something else...

    believe me, some people would admire you for that... :D
  • eboyeboy Member PExer
    Kung mahal..dnt remove the tag noh.... lol.gif
  • RöttenMindRöttenMind Member PExer
    sasabihin ko, "kse isosoli ko to sa store uli eh! hiniram ko lang sandali.." :D
  • MeijiMeiji oxymoron & gadfly PExer
    sabihin mo 'to: kala ko di nyo mapapansin o di kaya di nyo papansinin :D
  • ascotascot Goldmember PExer
    LOL @ eboy!

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