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wHo hAtES erwin tulfo of abs-cbn?

ive just noticed these days that erwin tulfo is much visible on television. i see him in magandang umaga bayan, headlines, the weekend news and mission x. i just wonder, what prompted abs-cbn to give much shows to this male chauvinistic pig? whenever he delivers the news, it couldn't be complete without his usual biting repartees and sometimes sexist comment. i much believe that personalities like him shouldn't be in the reporting business. i believe kasi that u can have an image of masculinity even if you speak less. gasgas man, action speaks louder than words, di ba? take noli de castro for instance. just plain, honest-t-goodness reporting, no pretensions.

i think that's what counts the most.

so hate niyo rin ba si erwin tulfo?:mad:


  • Ako!!! Sobra nafifeelingan ako sa kanya!!! akala mo kung sinong sobrang tapang. Nakakairita!
  • uh, i don't know about noli de castro's plain, no pretentions, honest-to-goodness reporting, but yeah, that erwin tulfo blabber mouth is so damn annoying. machismo? i'd say it's his proverbial well-locked closet.
  • Oo nga nagtatapang-tapangan lagi. Iiyak iyak din naman nung "binangga" daw sya. May nagbabanta daw sa kanya. Eh aanga anga lang naman kasi mag-motor nabangga tuloy sya.

    Atsaka ayaw munang pakinggan ang magkabilang panig bago magsalita
  • Yup Erwin Tulfo's style is pretentuous, self-righteous, and irritating.

    Not to mention full of bluster- and lacks substance.

    He's a male version of Korina.
  • well, at least there are six of us who do hate erwin tulfo. in reality nga, i hate al the tulfo brothers. i can still remember those isumbong mo kay tulfo days when i was still at a tender young age wherein mon tulfo would hurl out cuss words right infront of the tv set. although it was bleeped, the outline of his mouth clearly projects the cuss words as cuss as his personality.

    even in his column in a certain broadsheet, you should expect mon to be blabbermouthing once more without really knowing the real score. its fully dependent on his opinions and he never was man enough to admit his mistakes.

    talk about genes... i guess male chauvinistic pigs are carried over in ones genes.:mad:

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