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"The Mystery of Love is Greater than The Mystery of Death"

...or something like that. The quote came from Oscar Wilde, if I'm not mistaken.

Love is a mystery, alright. But Death...death is something else. No one experienced real death and lived to tell it (otherwise they wouldn't really be DEAD, would they?), so that maybe why death is more a mystery.

On the other hand, Love is something we experience in everyday life. The whole complexity of it, the unlimited possibilities, the highly unpredictable things we do for it....perhaps Oscar Wilde is right?


  • i think so.
  • [email protected]: Grrrr. Kulet mo talaga heheheh. lol.gifbop.gif
  • FM: lol.gif

    love is beautiful. but experiencing love itself is like dying. what with all the pain u have to go through :( bat ganun? ay ewan hehe. basta ako
    i'd die for love :D
  • I think it is the Mystery of the After Life that's more mind boggling.

    Love is mysterious because you cannot contain in a specific container (X ata yun). Love should flow dapat dba? And to contain love is to kill love (mas x ata lalo)...
  • :confused: din

    ano po yung X?

    okey ang thread na ito ah. ang gulo heheh. lol.gif
  • Ngak! lol.gif

    na-X na tayong lahat...hehehe..

    flyderman, X is something negative...(yan yung definition namin ng friend ko)...like for example...you tell a joke tapos naturally u expect others to laugh kaya lang no one did...ibig sabhin nun X ka! hehe :D...you'll get the hang of it sooner or later..just like I did... :)

    pero dba mas mysterious ang life after death?
  • I agree with Dyeniphur, the "life after death" thingy is more essential to think about, what ifs would blurt out for sure. :)
  • kliyukliyu PExer

    test ta tomorrow ha??
  • Jennifer: Ahhh......gets ko na.....

    X = Tablado

    heheheheh lol.gif

    [email protected]: aba wala ka yata ngayon para mangulit. silly.gif
  • hehehe flyderman.

    u can only love when ur alive.
    so i guess love >; death

  • fly, hmm...not necessarily...it doesn't only refer to jokes...basta anything that you do...ang hirap i-explain eh. I guess you hafta spend one day with someone who says X parati...hehe...

    i think it's love >; death..meaning love surpasses death.
  • i agree jen and [email protected] pero ang tanong ay hindi love or death. ang tanong ay ang mystery of love o mystery of death. yun lang po. :)
  • eh di.. mystery of love >; mystery of death


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  • sakit nun ah!


  • oo nga, agree with [email protected] heheh :D

    you guys ha...hmm....
  • i think the last few lines in Hamlet's silioquy- "To be or not to be" summed up the mystery of death the best

    " For who would fardels bear to grunt and sweat under a weary life.
    But that the dread of something after death,
    the undiscovered country
    from whose bourn no traveller returns
    puzzels the will,
    and makes us rather bear those ills we have
    than fly to others we know not of..."

    the mystery of love is more complicated cause you don't know what or how love will come about, at least with death you know that when you die, you cease to exist, there are certain things that are expected to happen...but love, it's more ambiguous, it doesn't have a clear pattern it has to follow....bleh i'm rambling so i'll quit it

    who is in an incredibly nerdy mood today ;) hehe
  • yes in fact death is just another step along the way
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    Love is more mysterious because it's everywhere, but we can't seem to figure it out. I don't even consider 'death' a mystery - it's really the afterlife (or the lack of it?) that makes me think.

    I'll just share my favorite Julia Fordham song... "Love moves in mysterious ways, it's always so surprising when love appears over the horizon... I'll love you for the rest of my days but still it's a mystery, how you ever came to me which only proves love moves in mysterious ways..."
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