The Beauty Pageants Thread - II

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Since chapter one has erached the maximum 200 pages, here is the continuation.


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    Galing talaga ni Altwegg hehehe
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    napaka-alive naman ng thread na to na umabot na more than 200 pages. indeed, beautiful girls never fails to amaze.

    more to come on this page. :)

    hi to all the pipol in this thread!!! :)
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    join ako dito!!!

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    hello everyone!!!

    another 200 pages na naman uli ito.

    hehe, and with miss international, miss earth and miss world coming up, siguradong babaha na naman dito ng posts.

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    Okei congratulate me because I think Im the first one to meet the sorry! this thread is closed message! Bummer! Ang bilis kase ni Mod! Naunahan ako :glee: ayaw pa gumana password ko :mad:
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    :wave: HELLO EVERYONE!

    9 months and 7 days ang itinagal nung first thread.

    It was able to generate 7,998 posts and 65, 591 views. :)

    Welcome to EVERYONE!!!! :bounce2: :bounce: :bounce2:
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    See...musique even beat me into the first post after the announcement of thread closing...haayyy life!

    Anyway, I was about to say na Miss Teen NY kinda look like my fave tennis player Jennifer Capriati...but of course, I think I'm seeing circles on that one. But her smile reminds me of Jen C. :D But of course, the body will be miles away...don't wanna see her to be as beefy as Jen C....parang sagwa naman un if you are in a beauty pageant :glee:

    :hmm: I dont quite like Ms Ukraine's beauty and she's the best that they got?!? Well...may tiwala ako sa dugo ng Europeans, may power yan sa kagandahan hehehe....:belat:

    Jensie: Hindi talaga lumilitaw ang pix from yahoo. I tried din before and they just can't show up :(
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    Let's congratulate Musique naman for being the last poster! :blow:
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    Altwegg: Thankies for creating this new thread. :up:

    Lara_D: Ang galing nga ni Altwegg! :handsdown: ako sa kanya!

    xysher: Hi there! Thankies for droppin' by! :)

    Johnston: Ei dude! Nice to see yah here! :wink:

    Yoshi: Thankies for linking the 1st thread. We appreciate it.

    Musique: Another 200 pages nga uli! Hehe! Long live beautiful women! :bounce:

    cathybee: Onga eh. Pics from Yahoo News don't appear anymore here in PEx. :)

    IT FEELS SO GOOD TO BE HERE!!!! AHHHH!!!! :bounce:
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    And they have closed the thread... sayang di sinagad sa number of posts.
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    CONGRATZ MUSIQUE!!!!! :bounce2: :bounce:


    CONGRATZ DIN TO ALTWEGG! YOW DA MAN!!!! :bounce2: :bounce:
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    As a commemoration of the first page of this new thread, I'll post the beautiful woman that probably triggered our passion for beauty pageants-SUSHMITA SEN. Well she triggered mine... hehehe

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    It feels so good to be in this thread. Wow! ako pala ang Last na nag-post (of course, excluding Yoshi!).

    Sayang di niyo ma view yung Yahoo pics. Anyway, Oxana pics lang naman yon eh!

    Congratulations to everyone !!! Here's to another successful thread.
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    I'll just move this here...

    Some of the girls vying for Miss Puerto Rico Universe 2003 preparing for their official delegate shots.

    I'm really going to stick to Miss San Juan
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    Lara_D: Yeah maganda si Cynthia Olavarria! :up: I want to see all of their official headshots din. Maganda rin si Windy Pagan and Carla Tricoli. :)
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    Originally posted by cathybee

    :hmm: I dont quite like Ms Ukraine's beauty and she's the best that they got?!? Well...may tiwala ako sa dugo ng Europeans, may power yan sa kagandahan hehehe....:belat:

    You know the reason why a lot of us find Miss Ukraine 2002 beautiful? Well try looking at Miss Ukraine 2001.... hehehe

    From this...

    to this... now SHE is indeed beautiful!!! hehehe Ukraine has indeed improved a lot.
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    :eek: ngak! babae ba un?!? i mean, un ba ung rep ng ukraine..este taga ukraine ba un?!? :dizzy: Arrgghh...ano ba un?!?! yikeeeessss!!!! grabe, pagkatapos kong puriin ang european beauty para gusto kong ibalik ah :glee: Maganda ung headshot e pero wag na sana ung full body?!? :belat: Now, I can see the beauty on Ukraine 2002 better...ung headshot kase hindi masyado okei eh...which leads me to think...

    Ang dami dami talagang pwede mangyari sa pageants noh? Parang basketball or any sport competition?! Kase kung anong hitsura sa national pageant iba sa pre-international pageant sa pageant proper at lalo na sa post-pageant proper...whew!

    Actually, dapat ipopost ko nga ung question related sa sinasabi mo, Jensie ---its like this: What triggered you guys' passion for beauty pageants? :D Im not sure if this question is asked but then...I hope it will be a worthwhile sharing kase naka 200pages na tayo lahat e parang di pa yata nasagot ung tanong na yan...Im not sure ha kung nagpop na ung question na yan ah :p
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    Hehe, nakakasuka nga ang itsura ni Miss Ukraine 2001.

    I just finished downloading "You're A Superstar" by Love Inc.

    Does anyone know the title of the background music in the Swimsuit semifinal round of Miss USA 2002?

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    May news na ba kung sino ang bagong rep ng Germany sa Miss World?

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