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SEX ISSUE: Both, either or none

In going to bed with someone, dapat bang may experience kayo both, either one of you or none of you?


  • experience doesnt count.. kung mahal mo ang tao...
  • ditto sis punkchick!! :D
  • i guess one must have an experience in those things, syempre mahirap na. masmaganda kung yung guy marunong, then maganda rin kung first time ng girl.

    but syempre masmaganda kung parehong marunong diba, para both happy.

  • rorsrors PExer
    on the other hand, i guess it'll be more fun if you're both first-timers. that's the absolute fun of it, di ba? :D
  • calicali PExer
    of course not...
    it should always be their love for one another which will count!

  • neither... ok lang pag one or both is experienced or not. juz go wid the flow! :D
    mas ok nga mag-experiment e... so experience isn't really necessary! have fun and love every minute of it! of course, you have to do it with someone you love and not juz for the sake of getting laid...
  • actually.. no need for experience.. ang pinakaimportante talaga ay.. may pagmamahalan kayong nararamdaman para sa isa't-isa.. mas fulfilling ang experience pag ganun.. extension kasi ng pag-express ng pagmamahalan yung physical act na yun e.. instinct na ng tao yung bagay na yun..

    pag nagkaroon kayo ng chance na magcompare.. altho di ko naman encourage.. try mo yung gawin iyon.. sa taong mahal mo at sa taong wala kang emotional na connection.. makikita mo ang difference..
  • WOW! ang gaganda naman ng answers niyo! it's fun reading them! naks! ;) I agree with almost everybody that it's better kung preho kayong walang experience...at least u can practice to enhance the craft! hihihi lol.gif tama ba yun?!

    hahaha...plagay ko d dapat ako nagpost eh...hihihi....shhhhh..... lol.gif
  • I would prefer if both of us have no experience whatsoever. The fact that he did it with somebody else makes me feel a lil bit queasy. But I guess if I really love the person, it shouldn't matter much.

    Plus, it's always fun experimenting :D
  • Well, the three options all have their advantages and disadvantages, obviously.

    When none of the people involved has experience, the element of "discovery" is put into place. It gives you the feeling of pushing the boundaries, exploring the unexplored terrain. Some people go for that, some don't.

    When only one has experience, the "teaching" of the unexperienced one could be one interesting experience for both parties!

    Now, when both parties has experience, it's much easier to satisfy each other. A guy who has learned that sex is not complete when the woman (or another guy) isn't sexually satisfied, will now have the opportunity to complete it.

    So...any which way, I'm sure people will have fun. Sex is fun, anyway.
  • GilbeyGilbey PEx Rookie ⭐
    it does not matter really. what matters is that you like each other. innocence can be loss only once. i loss mine and she was experience but there was no feeling, it was simply a rite of passage.

    my ex (ooops, current na nga pala muli) loosing it should be done with someone you love to make it special..
  • WOW!!!! wholesome na wholesome ang mga sagot. Feeling angel.gif lahat!

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