Adducul going to the PBA?

Man-O-WarMan-O-War Member PExer
Today's sports headlines scream...."Metrostars' Adducul All Set to Join PBA?"

Four teams: Mobiline, Tanduay, SMB and Ginebra are reportedly very interested and have offered big money. Personally, I would prefer to see Adducul in a Ginebra uniform to maintain the balance of power in the PBA. Ginebra needs a solid center to complement the dynamic Meneses-Limpot forward tandem. Tanduay let's face it, is too strong a team and would be hard pressed to accommodate Adducul in its rotation. Like Hontiveros, Adducul will have to take a backseat to Menk and Alvarado. Mobiline, granting that Taulava is indeed deported, might find some use for Adducul, who will be reunited with former teammate Don Camaso. SMB already have the Dunking Dannys, hence one report has it that Jacobs cannot assure playing time for Adducul.

If all these are true, good thing he's finally seen the light! What kept him so long in a mediocre league like the MBA anyway? Or is everything all about money(let's face it, in pro sports, money talks)? What do you guys think?


  • JacobJacob nerd forever PExer
    Add Pop Cola to the list, and maybe even Red Bull (since they're after him even before the season started). Pero I have a feeling that if ever Adducul goes to the PBA, he'll be playing for Ginebra. Ron Jacobs has dreamt of an Ildefonso-Adducul tandem for SMB, but for salary cap restrictions, Jacobs might put him under Allan Caidic. Besides, they need a franchise center (you don't expect Ginebra to go very far with a Crisano-Calpito-Ong center corps). Mobiline also has an inside track because Eric Altamirano is a consultant for the Metrostars but I guess they'll go after him only if Taulava is proven ineligible by the BID. Red Bull will also be determined to get him, especially after Raymundo's suspension. If they manage to steal Adducul from the reported teams, watch out for them next year - because Ron Jacobs' dream Ildefonso-Adducul tandem will materialize in Red Bull's camp, only this time it's Adducul-Raymundo. Add Harp to the mix (nevermind Pennissi) and you have a frontline worthy of Tanduay, SMB, Mobiline at kung sinisipag, SLR.
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator ✭✭
    i think if ever ginebra tries to get the services of adducul, magba-back-out ang smb...kasi nga sister nila, pareho pang consultant si jacobs, tapos may center naman ang adducul playing for smb is definitely out of the picture....ferriols in an smb uniform, pwede pa....
  • The RockThe Rock Old school smackdown layer PExer
    The Rock still remembers what this guy said two years ago when he nixed the PBA in favor of the basurero league: mas may challenge ang MBA. P***ng 'na! Anong challenge ang meron kung ang mga kalaban mo ay parang mga larong kanto lang? Tumulo lang siguro ang laway niya ng inoffer sa kanya ng ABS-CBN ang milyon-milyong salary! O, nag-champion nga siya last year, Star Player pa raw, pero nasaan ang challenge? Every game, every day, Adducul's contemporary in the PBL, Danny Ildefonso, faces a REAL challenge. Every team in the PBA is loaded with dynamic centers who push you physically, emotionally, and mentally (except for the brain dead Sonny Alvarado). And Ildefonso has proven himself capable of the challenge by winning when facing the Big Boys.

    Ito namang si Adducul, iniwan na si Assunta, iniwan pa ni Louie Alas. O, nasaan ang challenge diyan sa mga moron na kalaban mo? Hindi ka man lang nananalo ngayon! Who needs this headcase?
  • t`mact`mac Member PExer
    adducul must join ginebra...sisikat pa siya lalo and the challenge is bigger unlike MBA which is boring and cheap.. LIPAT KA NA ROMMEL!!!!
  • gaborgabor Member PExer
    Shell should recruit Adducul. Shell needs a good and solid player to complement Benjie Paras. Go Shell SHOW THE MONEY!!!!!!!!1
  • giagia Member PExer
    Prez release from the Manila Metrostars


    "We have turned down all offers for Romel and I am one million percent sure that he is not entertaining any offers himself," Ramon Tuason, Manila Metrostars General Manager, confidently stated.

    According to news articles that came out in different dailies yesterday, Romel Adducul may be the next prized MBA player to be lured by the PBA's big bucks.

    "There have been feelers from more than four different PBA teams, true, and we understand why. After all, Romel is a very important player to have. However, he is non-negotiable. We are not letting him go."

    Adducul, whose contract with the defending MBA national champion team is expiring this year, is himself puzzled by the circulating rumors.

    "Bakit naman ako lilipat sa PBA eh masaya ako sa MBA?"
  • annann kabute PExer
    Man-O-War: if it's abt the money, adducul would've moved to the pba long ago ... let's face it, the pba teams have more money ... they can afford to spend much bcoz they're passing on the cost to the ppl anyway -- ppl who buy hotdogs, gas [!], etc with the ever-escalating prices ...

    mba teams, though backed up by abs-cbn, cannot afford to pour in more than the 16M they're putting in annuallly ... with 14 teams, where can abs-cbn, big as it may be, get all the dough?

    as for the challenge, The Rock, what can be more challenging than to try out something new? take the road less traveled? open up ur mind to new ideas?

    gabor: yes, shell can show the money ... our money ... & they're claiming to lose millions every year? the nerve!
  • The RockThe Rock Old school smackdown layer PExer
    ann, the challenge of the PBA is you face the best, THE VERY BEST, that the land has to offer. These are experienced proffesionals, Most Valuable Players, and players who cut their teeth by playing against the best of the previous era (e.g. Jaworski, Fernandez, Guidaben, etc.) When he chose to play in the MBA, he knew that there would be NO competition, merely PBA rejects and untested players from the boondocks. He chose the road less travelled alright, the road paved by the gold offered by ABS-CBN's very lucrative contract and plan to build the league around players like him.

    The fact of the matter is that he choked. He didn't have the balls to go out and try his wares against the best players in the country. Adducul didn't have the guts to test himself against the more experienced and more physical players of the PBA. If you smell what The Rock is cookin!
  • Man-O-WarMan-O-War Member PExer
    Ann, you have a point there. Thanks for sharing your insight. But I do recall reading in the newspapers that Adducul is already receiving P500T/mo. from the Metrostars and ABS-CBN. That would make him one of the highest paid players in that league. But with talks going around about unpaid or delayed salary due to players around the league, there is really no security in playing in the MBA. Adducul might thought it best to jump ship into the PBA.

    I don't really fault Adducul's choice of going to the MBA in the first place. As a new and upstart league, Rommel was probably tempted by the thought that he could help this league achieve greatness. As it is, the MBA was highly successful in the provinces. But now that he sees that the MBA is nowhere near equalling the popularity and level of play of the PBA, maybe that's when he had second thoughts.
  • JetMojieJetMojie Member PExer
    noong college years or even amateur times nila ni Danny I., napansin kong mas angat siya ke Danny I. i think its time for him to move to a much advance basketball, The PBA. what do you think?
  • bastebaste Member ✭✭✭
    ... yeah.. i think he should transfer to the PBA...

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