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ang "KUTOB" ba ng babae palaging tama?

Girls, have you felt something unexplainable.. na parang one moment something suddenly hits you na your boyfriend is cheating on you (no IF's included). Basta parang you are sure of something na hindi mo kayang i-prove... Or not necessarily sa boyfriend, pwedeng a career option that you didnt take kasi something's telling you its not for you...

Its called, "KUTOB".
My tita once told me na the moment it hits me, maniwala daw agad ako dun kasi totoo yun. Its a gift daw that women possess!

What do you think?

Kinutuban na ba kayo tapos totoo pala?
It has happened to me more than once. Basta.. listen to your inner self talking to you.

But the question is: Is this inherent trait always right???


  • ahhhh women's intuition. I'm not sure if they're always right. However, they are great insights regarding matters of everyday life.(i.e. career, family, love, etc.)

    They're simply a fascinating phenomenon that we have yet to fully comprehend! :beam:
  • i usually had that kind of feeling before... it's really bothering once u feel it... especially if u cannot fully prove it or explain clearly... i guess it has something to do with the person's way of thinking... :mconfused: if u are a negative thinker, most probably you are prone to this kind of feeling... "kutob" is not really bad as long as u know how to deal up with it... i experienced it a lot of times and some of them are proven true... there's nothing wrong listening to your inner self but i guess when u feel something (especially when it's negative) don't rely on it that much... it's an important thing to find out if what you're feeling is true or not... so find basis that will prove that what you're feeling is right... :wondering:
  • it's kinda weird having strong intuitions cuz it bothers me a lot. it juz simply tells meh that somthing's wrong. it's one of my good senses. most of my intutition among people are true. i dont need to look at a person's eye to tell if their lying or not; i leave it to my intuitions myself. your intuitions wouln't bother you if it knows that everythings all right. :wink:
  • it can be most of the time true (from experience), but sometimes people just tend to get paranoid too much..

  • meron ako friend, pag kinutuban siguradong tama... lalo pa kung ang partner nya e nangangaliwa... wala pa sa kutob nya ang pumalya...

    pero ako, ala ata ako intuition eh...
  • All women i think has it but because of paranoia women's intuition have been blurred.
  • i duno about u guys but damn i shouldve listened to my intuition before :lol:
  • sumhow... kasi mas-sensitive siguro ang babae...
  • there is this couple... the husbnd suddennly had an illicit affair.. the wife... pinpointed the " other girl's" number in the phonebook full of other people's name. When she cofronted her husband... he was shocked.

    I always sit at the back of a bus. I dont want people sitting beside me... but there is this instance that I just sat in front. I dont know why. Then at in the middle of the ride... may dumating pala na mando! Tinabihan sila sa LIKOD!
  • pinkrosepinkrose PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Para sa kin oo! :redgrin:
  • I can be wrong at times but most of the time, I'm right about this "kutob".
  • Very true! I speak for myself ha...... It doesn't mean that my bf is cheating on me.... Pero I had experienced it thrice na. Not with other girls but with his barkada. I wasn't demanding naman from him, but rather, I was REQUESTING him to cool down a bit from his new found friends. So what he did was to come up with excuses that were really believable naman. Pero iba talaga pag mahal mo isang tao at bigla kang kinutuban. Iba ang feeling... Parang may tinik sa dibdib mo na gusto mong sumigaw. Anyway, yun nga. I had this feeling when he called that he wasn't going to where he said he was going to. So, pinabayaan ko lang. Hanggang I connected all the signs that he was showing na hindi nya alam e halatang halata. Basta.. it's hard to explain eh... Basta, WOMEN's INTUITION - - - totoo yan.. Yun nga lang.. be careful din. baka ikaw din ang mapahiya pag d mo in-analyze ang actions or way of thinking mo.
  • there are times na tama ang kutob ko.. actually.. most of the time.. I don't know kung bakit ko nararamdaman iyon. :) kaya nga ingat na ingat ang bf ko eh.. kasi alam niya na ganon nga..
  • i dnt rely on my "kutobs"

    minsan kse ka praningan ko lang eh... :D
  • maxieGRLmaxieGRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    the times that my intuition really bothered me, it turns out that it was true. ewan ko ba.
  • i guess i would believe women's intuition.. 'coz i have my own experience already... pero siguro hindi rin sa lahat ng oras tama siya... we just have to analyze things first before doing some actions...
  • for me i think one should follow it...its nt there for no reason at all ya know:uhhuh:
  • cguro it's not actually intuition, jz knwng hw 2 pull d strings 2gdr. gnn kc ngyyri skin most of d tym. i dnt actually fil dat smthngs wrng, pro once na mconect ko ung mga events dats wen il rily knw :p
  • honestly, most of the time, i shrug of the feeling to avoid nalang being hurt or hurting someone... but I hate the feeling of sabi na nga ba eh!
  • proven: most of the time parang ganun na nga... it worked on me several times na
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