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Car hobbyist -- lowered, mutant, modified dito tayo !!!

ano na ang mga napalitan mo sa kotse mo para maging kakaiba siya...


  • hmm..... dami eh. recaro seats, headers, exhaust system, K&N air filter with cold air intake, cross drilled & slotted brakes, big sound set up and body kit.
  • Dom
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    may proiblema ako, at nalilito ako saair at cold intake. original intake ko kasi eh meron pang hose para sa evaporizer, kaya lang yung pinalitan ko na nag ractive cold intake eh wala syan extra slot para sa hose nayun kaya napilitan akong di agamitin yun kung ano man magagawa ng evaaporator ng 94 honda accord coupe ko. meron ba kayong advice? masisira ba kotse ko?
  • well i had my corolla lowered with tanaba springs, then changed the HU to a pioneer 5450 a sub, some ryan audio seps. then i found out i had no more money left and continuing this hobby would require lots of money...i left it at that LOL. oh yeah 55/15 tires ko lol uhmm thats about it...

    ..and we got a new rav4 na so hehehe.
  • konti lang naman; enkei RS6 17" rims, Kumho Ecsta Supra 195/45/17 tires, brembo goldline lowering springs, bright white halogen low beam bulbs, at aluminum racing pedals
  • Hyperion
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    Graduate na ako dito, but I used to drive a very lowered dressed up Honda Civic hatchback, with 17" Ewing mags, low profile tires, short shift transmission, weber twin carbs, oversized headers, stabilizers and lots of goodies, including a super noisy muffler that you can hear from several blocks away. :D

    I have a few things to add. I looked cool. But driving was a pain because I had to plan my route to avoid humps! The darn thing was a gas guzzler and felt like a 3 liter car when it comes to fuel consumption. Parking was a pain too because such a fancy cute little car simply attracted far too much unwanted attention. And the aircon sucked (well because we took it out in exchange for more power and less weight).

    I was really relieved when I sold it and got a boring ordinary car that attracted almost zero attention (well except from side mirror thieves)
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