Tanduay loses to San Miguel

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C'mon admit it, you were all cheering as San Miguel laid the smack down on the roody poo candy a s s es of the Tanduay foreign team. Now The Rock isn't an SMB fan, but he's got much respect for the abilities of Ildefonso, Seigle, Racela, and Abuda. The Rock found himself applauding every shot that San Miguel made as they slapped the smiles off the faces of Al Chua, Sonny Alvarado, and Bong Tan with a 76-67 victory. Besides, any team that finds a way to embarrass Tanduay is okay in The Rock's book. Whoever said that Tanduay was unbeatable can now go home and drink themselves a bottle of shut up juice! If you smell what The Rock is cookin!


  • JacobJacob nerd forever PExer
    Chua likes to run because he can't come up with a proper half-court offense.

    Knowing that Chua, he'll blame the refs for the loss...
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator ✭✭
    i think the key to beating tanduay is thinking that they can be beaten....if a team thinks that they can't beat tanduay, i they even doubt na hindi nila kaya, then hindi pa man nagsisimula yung game, talo na sila....san miguel wasn't intimated by tanduay, because they knew they had tanduay's numbers....

    i agree with ron jacobs that it was just a game, and that nothing was on the line...that way, hindi mashado kinabahan yung smb players unlike tanduay, where sabi ni chualay na ina-anticipate na nila yung big game against smb...na-pressure tuloy yung players niya....

    i think tanduay lives and dies with alvarado....if he plays well, then mananalo sila....if he plays poorly, then matatalo sila (just like last night)....

    smb's gameplan was perfect....they let alvarado take the outside shots early on, kaya nakalamang kagad ang tanduay...however, they knew that alvarado would eventually miss....sonny scored 17 pts in the 1sy half, but only 4 in the 2nd(on 1-of-13 shooting)...and when alvarado's shots weren't falling, the more he became frustrated sa defense....kaya smb attacked alvarado's defense, lalo na sa 4th quarter....when ildefonso's game started to hum, lalo namang na-frustrate si alvarado, forcing outside shots na puro short dahil pagod na nga siya....

    galing ng gameplan....i hope other teams use this para matalo din nila tanduay....
  • 24/724/7 Member PExer
    Jacob: you're right about that one! chua didn't blame the referees though....wala naman kasi talagang masamang tawag...pero mayabang pa rin...he'll probably find someone else to blame...if i were him i'd admit that i'm not such a great coach
  • Kaboom!Kaboom! Administrator PExer
    This game is a breakthrough for the AFC. I don't think any of the coaches knew how to slow down Tanduay until now. Congratulations to Jong Uichico and Ron Jacobs for overcoming a more talented team and showing the rest of the league how to beat the most talented and conditioned team in the PBA.

    I still get reminded of Tanduay's last year in the PBL when they swept through the eliminations and playoffs without a defeat before Leo Isaac's Dr.J/ANA team made it a half court game and humbled coach Al's boys.

    I know coach Al and I think he's one of the best coaches in the country today based on my courside and locker room checks but I do agree with the Rock that sometimes his pride gets in the way.

  • aRCangelaRCangel Member PExer
    Hey Victoria deserves credit too :)

  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator ✭✭
    galing kagabi, parang homecourt advantage yung smb....with aa few seconds remaining, tumayo yung mga fans and clapped their hands....hehehe tumayo balahibo ko don a....
  • bLaCkbLaCk Member PExer
    go SMB!!!!
  • Royal Blooded WarriorRoyal Blooded Warrior Banned by Admin PExer
    Was that all Tanduay can give? Hindi naman siguro. If SMB got Tanduay's numbers, so does the Tanduay team. I'm speaking in fairness of Tanduay. Pero to tell you frankly, I'm an SMB fanatic. Buti nga sa Tanduay. And for Sonny Alvarado, ewan ko kung bakit ang yabang mo. I hope you sure found your lesson. Not to be confident at all. Sabi nga sa nila, bilog ang bola. Now SMB's got the psychological advantage. Go SMB! :)
  • Twix11Twix11 BaLLer #11 PExer
    arcangel- ya! victoria played a great game. actually he is one of the reasons kung bakit sila nanalo
    -->; pero grabe pala talaga si jacobs, he still shouts all (well, halos) the orders. i watched the game live kasi e malapit lang kami sa kanya... even kung sino yung sub dinidictate niya
  • 24/724/7 Member PExer
    ron jacobs is so good at playing mind games...that's why tanduay lost...smb definitely won in that psychological game...

    yeah...victoria was the surprise package...but everybody really contributed...
    so congrats to all of them

    i read in the paper that chua said he was so excited to play smb para daw "magkaalaman na"...they also said that after the game...henry cojuangco said something like "now he knows"...well i'm sure he does!!

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