What happened to Tanduay?

Ace McStarAce McStar Member PExer
Comments on the weakness and points of improvement for Tanduay and what SMB did right tonight (March 19, 2000).


  • JacobJacob nerd forever PExer
    SMB exploited what everybody was saying all along: Tanduay has a weak point guard corps. They disrupted Jason Webb, thus preventing the Rhum Masters from launching their fastbreak attack. Proof of Tanduay's weakness in that position is Boybit Victoria's monster game. Nobody can stop him, so Chualay was forced to use Cariaso and Hontiveros at the same time. SMB slowed down the game and went to the post, forcing Menk to pick up the fouls. Another key was the gang rebounding of San Miguel. If anybody can match Menk's tenacity in rebounding, one of them would be his cousin Freddie Abuda. Since Alvarado likes to chock it up from long distance, Menk will be the only rebounding threat. Boxing him out was key (however, he still managed to grab 16 boards).
  • gaborgabor Member PExer
    Tanduay lost because there wasn't much ball movement. They are not used to play a slow pace. San Miguel controlled the tempo. Coach Chua didn't adjust the match-up between Seigle and Hatfield. He only placed Menk during the 4th qtr. Cariaso must be more involved in the offense.
  • 24/724/7 Member PExer
    what happened to tanduay?

    SAN MIGUEL BEER happened to tanduay!!!
  • Coolness^Coolness^ Member PExer
    galing ng san miguel kanina...they deserved to win..and yups, ang yabang ni alfrancis chua...

    *menk looked stupid when he tried to block seigle's dunk...tuloy he got posterized pa =)
  • vertigovertigo Lasalista! ✭✭✭
    galing ng smb!
    i think another factor why smb won was the psychological preparedness thing, i think any team could beat tanduay, and maybe it was only smb that was not really bothered at all by the havoc-wreaking ways of tanduay. i mean maybe the idea of the seeming invincibility of tanduay may be too much for them to handle and even think about that it went all the way in affecting their game.
    smb's mind was pointed on a different angle. yes, i agree with what ron jacob's view it's just one of those games, not really a big one
    so why the hell worry?
  • neth_rowneth_row Moderator ✭✭
    i think the key to beating tanduay is thinking that they can be beaten....if a team thinks that they can't beat tanduay, i they even doubt na hindi nila kaya, then hindi pa man nagsisimula yung game, talo na sila....san miguel wasn't intimated by tanduay, because they knew they had tanduay's numbers....

    i agree with ron jacobs that it was just a game, and that nothing was on the line...that way, hindi mashado kinabahan yung smb players unlike tanduay, where sabi ni chualay na ina-anticipate na nila yung big game against smb...na-pressure tuloy yung players niya....

    i think tanduay lives and dies with alvarado....if he plays well, then mananalo sila....if he plays poorly, then matatalo sila (just like last night)....

    smb's gameplan was perfect....they let alvarado take the outside shots early on, kaya nakalamang kagad ang tanduay...however, they knew that alvarado would eventually miss....sonny scored 17 pts in the 1sy half, but only 4 in the 2nd(on 1-of-13 shooting)...and when alvarado's shots weren't falling, the more he became frustrated sa defense....kaya smb attacked alvarado's defense, lalo na sa 4th quarter....when ildefonso's game started to hum, lalo namang na-frustrate si alvarado, forcing outside shots na puro short dahil pagod na nga siya....

    galing ng gameplan....i hope other teams use this para matalo din nila tanduay....
  • YoshiYoshi Member PExer
    I think Tanduay lacked ball movement and executed poor defense, which SMB used very much to their advantage. Also, they may have been demoralized after Boybits Victoria unleashed that bomb of a trey! :)
  • Kaboom!Kaboom! Administrator PExer
    I think that with all the blowouts, medyo hindi na sanay yung tanduay sa close endgame. They missed quite a number of free throws and took a lot of bad shots in the last 5 minutes. Cariaso didn't even come close with his open looks and Alvarado kept on heaving it up there along with Hontiveros.

    SMB also won this because of their mental toughness and not being intimdated by TAnduay's talent.

  • Royal Blooded WarriorRoyal Blooded Warrior Banned by Admin PExer
    Tanduay lost because of over-confidence. Bakit kaya ang tataas na ng tingin nila sa sarili nila? Not because you've beaten 5 or six teams means that nobody can beat you na, o loko, anong napala niyo?
    Just a reminder to coach Chua's team, Keep cool lang. Masyado ng high profile yung mga players mo eh. Sana hindi na mahawa ng kayabangan si Hontiveros kay Alvarado. Siya lang naman talaga gusto ko diyan eh. Sa Cebu Gems pa lang, idol ko na yan.
  • XiaoyuXiaoyu Courtside Princess PExer
    Sa tingin ko nasa coach na yan...anaknampoocha kasi yang chua na yan, wala nang ginawa kundi magpa-cute sa camera at mag-ayos na buhok. mas mahaba pa ata buhok niya sakin, eh. Super engs siya, nawawala na nga momentum nila, ayaw pa niya mag-timeout. Karma na ng Tanduay yan...palaruin ba naman kasi ang puerto rican, eh...
  • hangtimehangtime Member PExer
    tama ka Jude!! i felt all along that they were not used to a close game. coz most of their games were blownout as early as the 2nd quarter. and please, Cariaso DOES NOT have an outside shot. ive been saying this for such a long time already. he relases the ball on his way down, thus losing the momentum of his shot and it most often than not, falls short. and one more thing.. did anybody notice smb totally crash the offensive boards? .. i thought so, that's coz they didnt. they only allowed 1 player to try to get the offensive board and other than that, once a shot is taken, they ALL SPRINTED DOWN TO MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR. which jammed the court, thus jamming the fastbreak of tanduay. obviuosly Chuawie still has a lot of battles to face. kumain pa sya ng maraming bigas... Bughao should be sent back to the PBL or even UAAP. he has no contribution to this team, and as he proved in their last game, he is a liability, as we saw boybits eat him alive.. more like devoured him. jeffrey cant play point coz he's not that good a passer. and you cant make hontiveros point coz you'll give up his scoring. webb is fine as long as he keeps his head in the game. maybe they shouldve used jarencio more.. notice the 2 threes? or might wana gamble on mr excited - jayvee gayoso. id rather him than bughao. heck, id rather andy jao than bughao .. that was a joke .. laugh. in any case tanduay shouldnt have double teamed ildefonso coz thats why lago and victoria were wide open. they were more open than 7/11 at midnite. but trust me folks, this tanduay team is still one of the heavy favorites for this conference and for this season for that matter, if they can bring back clark and that other import they had.. whathisface.. kudos to Jude! and watch out for tanduay!!

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