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ISUZU Crosswind XUV vs. other auv's...

What canyou say about the latest version of ISUZU's Crosswind XUV? does it really leaves others behind?:cool:


  • Meron mas maganda, mas maporma at mas astig sa ISUZU Crosswind XUV .... it's the ISUZU Crosswind XUVi ...... hahahahaha!
  • Lynelle
    Lynelle mmwwaahhhh....
    what abt Nissan Serano? ok ba yan?
  • My mom recently got a Crosswind XUVi. But since I don't know anything about cars, I wouldn't know how it compares to other SUVs. It's automatic (and I don't know how to drive it because I'm used to manual). One thing I like about it is it has a VCD player and the people who ride in the back can watch while travelling. :)
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