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born again christians on love

born again christians on love

HEY, is there anybody there who wants to share succes stories on love, waiting for God's best, or the glory of waiting patiently on God? this could be a meeting place for christians to be friends as well.


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    i'm currently in a dilema now...pero dindasal ko nalang...maganda pala yung book ni joshua harris...cool book...

    nagkabf ako dati, but i had to break up with him kasi, do not be yoked woth unbelievers diba, and i know, sinasabi ni God, mali talga...so un...

    tas, nung summer, nagkacrush ako dun sa isang member ng church, gabi gabi pnagdadasal ko, basta sinasubmit ko lang...tas, un, nawala bigla...galing ni God, basta...

    ang galing ng Diyos!
  • don't look for the right one, be the right one :)
  • Since I don't have a success story yet, I'll share with you my friend's story instead. She wrote this in March 2001 and e-mailed it to us (her friends). Read on...

    If you're between the ages of 23 and above, you can't help but be pressured by questions like "do you have a bf?" or "when will you get married?" or any other questions which will lead to
    those two. I was in that predicament, and so, most of my friends developed a habit of introducing me to their brothers, friends or even their friends' friends so as to widen my choice.

    One of my officemates always said that his brother was a nice
    choice because, he said, that like me, he is a faithful Christian and a worker of the Lord. Thank God for our high technology
    that although his brother and I were countries apart, we met – through the internet. We exchanged e-mails at first until those e-mails became so frequent that my day won't be complete without receiving anything from him – from a simple hello note to a sweet e-card that he would send. Those e-mails turned to chats that became so persistent that when someone offered to sell his pc to me, I can't help but buy it so as not to hamper our regular chat sessions.

    Chats became phone calls which last up to 1-2 hours, without him worrying about the cost he spends, nor affected by the time difference we have. During all those conversations through
    phone calls, chats and e-mails, something was magically developed – a tie that binds 2 persons who have not seen each other except through pictures. A tie that allows these two persons to even share their happiest and saddest, when no one seemed available to laugh with or cry on. A tie that allows these two persons to sacrifice sleepless nights, so as to talk with each other and just knowing that the other is at the other line.

    Although we both knew that there was a feeling between us, neither said anything yet. But, we were both praying that the other could be the part in one's heart that has been lost for a long time. Until last year, the guy came home and finally, after more than a year of our quality internet relationship, we met in person. It was indeed magical because, it was like, we were long-time friends already. Neither was shy during the first meeting. We were speaking with other endlessly and listening attentively with eyes focused on each other, savoring each look while the other was talking, keeping up with the times when we were not able to see the other's eyes while talking.

    Prayers flooded God every night since our first meeting. The guy, praying that his feelings won't just be excitement but something more which would prompt him to offer not only love, but marriage. I continued praying for my feelings that if he wasn't God's will for me, then, the feelings would disappear. I also continued with the signs I was asking from the Lord. God is indeed so good. His timing is perfect.

    One day, this guy told me, he loves me, that God said I was the woman for him, and that he wants to marry me. I was so overwhelmed! That was exactly the sign I was asking
    from the Lord! Someone who would not only have the courage to tell me he loves me, but who would have more courage to offer marriage! I was saying, "this is it!" but I said, this is not
    enough, I have to ask confirmation from God's word. So God led me to Deutoronomy 1:1-8, confirming that it was ok for me to migrate to another country for good.

    Still, I needed more confirmation – which my father gave me, as well as my sister and my friends in church. Not a single soul disagreed with my plan to accept him. So I became more decided to accept his proposal and my decision was even strengthened by our good rapport which was even developed by our daily dates after office hours and our out-of-town trips with his sister.

    Finally, I accepted him. And from that time forth, we have talked about our upcoming wedding next year. After meeting both our families, no one disagreed with our plan, but both sides were one
    with us. He left last January 25 but he will be back again in September to celebrate both our birthdays and our engagement and to finalize our preparations for our coming wedding. Time
    may have been short for us to be with each other, and others who don't know us fully might even question our decision, but as long as we are undoubtedly sure that it is God's will, who cares about time?

    Her story has really blessed me... indeed, God's plan is the BEST for us. :heartbeat: :sunnysmile:
  • ive read the book of joshua harris too..

    actually, di lang pang christians yan.. but to non christians who wants to know the meaning of Love through God's vocabulary.. this is the book for you..

    if you were to ask me..

    I'd wait for the right person that God wanted me to share my life with.. IN HIS TIME..

    ingrid, i like your friends story.. hanep.. GOD BLESS.
  • it's reely been hard waiting for the right person...

    but still God is Good kasi He gives me strength

    to resist people who have a different religion..

    and i know that may iba pang plan si God sakin

    kaya di pa nya binibigay sakin....*okay*
  • I can so relate with these.......

    Mostly kase ng nanliligaw sa akin mga non-Christians....
    Hirap kase my Dad was a pastor... and I totally grew up in church....Its nice kase lagi nandun yung parents ko to remind me and tell me that its hard if you are equally yoked with unbelievers......
    And that was what I observed with all the young people at church when they had a non C relationship...... it ended not so good.........

    so right now, Im seeking for his WILL........I know God knows what's best for me.............

  • hey, mga kapatid! i'm so thankful and really thrilled by the number of replies i got today! just last night i started this thread and reading ur messages encourage me.

    me, too. i've read joshua harris' first and second book. yep, he has a second one. yung boy Meets girl. in that book, may asawa na si pareng joshua. so i guess, effective talaga maghintay for that person God has planned for us.

    please do keep posting in this forum. we can encourage, help, listen, read. kahit gusto niyo lang mag-express ng sarili niyo. let's just limit nga lang on romance. altho we all know there are a lot of other issues chrstians face today, in this forum, romance na muna ang focus natin. but of course, if you want to start another thread on other christianity issues, pwede rin naman. mas madali lang kasi i-handle kung naka-focus tayo, categorized, ba.

    ako, if you'd ask me, i had 2 boyfriends before. it would be unfair for them if i go into details. lets just say na alam ko ngayon na hindi sila ang will ni God for me. and now, kasama rin ako sa mga nape-pressure na. yep, pine-pressure ng lipunan, friends, relatives, and indirectly, by my family. but by God's grace, hindi ako nagpapa-apekto. mahirap, as in. but by God's grace, kaya natin 'to.

    uy, if you have other friends na born again, do refer them here. para mas marami tayo. happy, diba? tapos, eyeball tayo pag keri na.

    boys and girls are welcome. yuppies, singles, otherwise, ok lang din. para iba ibang experiences. basta all these... for the glory of God!

    malay niyo, dito tayo makahanap ng friends, soulmates, basta wherever God leads us. pero mas madali kung hindi tayo nakatutok sa wala tayong boyfriend, wala tayong girlfriend... kasi baka kung anu-ano i-expect natin. ouch sa huli pag false alarm pala. hehe

    mwah! --- bydabay2000 (thread moderator)
  • pahabol lang po, mga kapatid. maybe we could indicate our gender and age? age is optional, hehe... kung mejo type niyo itago ang age niyo. but gender sana, kung pwede. hindi kasi lumalabas sa profile, diba?

    ocya, umpisahan ko na. i'm female. 29 yrs old.
  • i still dont have any success on my own

    so i guess i'll share my cousins

    he always had trouble finding girls and hanging on to relationships(buti pa sya may relationships)
    when he went to college he met his soulmate anak na pastor!!!!!
    and she was fine. they put god first before themselves and to me thats whats important

    she was a fine(!!!!!) girl and she was super nice. they met in college. biola university. i wish for the day that i would also meet that girl who i would proudly call my own and be able to show her to my parents..... but then thats just me dreaming.
  • Originally posted by bydabay2000
    please do keep posting in this forum. we can encourage, help, listen, read.

    Yea... we can inspire other people and be inspired, too :)

    Originally posted by almightyge
    ingrid, i like your friends story.. hanep.. GOD BLESS.

    Sobrang nagulat nga kaming lahat sa story nya... we never thought na possible yon. God bless you too :)
  • Originally posted by ingrid
    Sobrang nagulat nga kaming lahat sa story nya... we never thought na possible yon. God bless you too :)

    I mean, we never thought na online meetings can lead to marriage... :)
  • question....

    correct me ok if i got it the wrong way.. with what orhtej and kweEzTaLz had shared... u mean guys kailangan iwasan ang isang non believer?

    parang for me.. these people.. had crossed ur paths maybe becoz.. God gave u the responsibility to change them.. well.. not to such extent... i guess.. to help them and to show them right way...

    i dunno... :rolleyes: maybe not as a partner in ur life but as a friend..

    can u enlighten me on this one...
  • i am in a relationship right now with a non-C... we had been together for almost 6 years now.... i admit that i have been astray and haven't been a good girl, but God knows how much i want to serve Him and how much i love Him... the problem is i failed as a Christian.... but in spite of all these He blessed me with a wonderful baby girl.... yes, i am a single parent.... had to go through all the painful eyes of other people... yet, He made me strong, He made me realize that no matter what I would always be His child.... i'm still in that relationship right now, trying to make it right this time.... offering everything up to him....
    Having a relationship with a non-C for me maybe God's plan for me... a mission that i have to accomplish.... it made me realize that i could be an instrument to make the bf find the path to His kingdom....

  • in addition..

    being friends with them doesnt mean you'll be joining them with their wrong doings..

    it just a matter of helping them to get out of that rut... di ba we're instruments of God.. to spread the word.. to help lost people...

  • i agree.... hindi ba yan naman ang mission natin dito sa earth... not just live a Godly life...but to share His word to those who do not believe... encourage them to believe in God and help them show the way....

    we wouldn't be effective Christians naman if we just be Christians and not bring someone into His kingdom...
  • LaTtE`MLaTtE`M PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Christian peepz, question

    >Do you consider members of Catholics, Baptists, Presbyterians, and other similarly Christianity-based religions/sects as non-believers?

    >Would you be willing to be involved with them? What if you do have different religions but are both spiritually sound and faithful, just practicing it in different "terms"? :shrug:
  • i'm a catholic and my bf is a Christian... but for us, we don't let our differences in religion affect the relationship... and we just celebrated last month our 2nd year anniversary...:)

    i don't know, oftentimes i can't help but feel scared and bothered... that one day, i have to make a choice... ewan ko...

    sana nga we can make it!:)
  • Should A Christian Marry An Unbeliever?

    Absolutely not. The Bible says, "Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers ... What accord has Christ with Belial" (II Corinthians 6:14-15)? Billy Graham put it very succinctly a few years ago when he said that if you take an unbeliever for a mate you also get the devil for your father-in-law. Much heartache results when Christians marry unbelievers. Some Christians go ahead and marry unbelievers, thinking that they can convert them after marriage. But if God has really chosen that man or woman for you, He is perfectly capable of bringing that person to Himself before the marriage. If He does not do it, it is a good enough sign that this marriage is not what He wants for you. Christians need to learn to wait on the Lord, to wait for what is right. Anything short of that can prove to be a dreadful mistake.

    *just got this sa realm of thought...*
    maybe this could answer your question...

    i would just like to add something...
    pwede kayong magkaroon ng kaibigan in other religion..
    when i was in college... my classmates have different
    religions. pero iba yung nakikisama ka sa nakiki-"SAMA"...
    kung may ginagawa na silang mali, ibang usapan na yun...
    tsaka madali lang naman ang sagot sa lahat ng tanong nyo eh..
    It's all in the Bible...*okay*
  • i was a non-believer before i met my husband. he claimed me and God made me Christian. i accepted God as my Lord on his bday, he led me in prayer. i guess it was a sign. :)
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