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balance problem

i seem to have been losing my balance.i haven't tripped yet but it feels awkward while walking. my legs or feet aren't injured or anything and i haven't been taking medications that have dizzying side-effects. what's bothering me more than my walking is when i go down on a staircase. it's like i'm going to lose my balance and fall so i have to position myself near the rails just in case. from what i remember, i wasn't like this until this recent year. do you guys have any idea what's causing this?


  • Have yourself initially checked by an ENT. There are several causes of dizziness and disequilibrium. It's hard for me to assess your case without at least ruling out all the systemic problems when I don't see you. However, my guess is that its a problem with your semicircular canals in your ears, which takes care of part of the balancing
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