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MAGIC 89.9 or RX 93.1 ?!

let's talk about these two radio stations na laging pinaguusapan at pinagkukumpara... what do u think? which station is better, or should i say... d BEST?

o.... apirrrrrrrrrrrrrr babay hehehe :) <--- kinda familiar?


  • some people are comparing logan and chico.. what happened to them ba?

    and slick rick, my friend from dlsu-d knows him.. inivite nga sya s bday ng friend ko kso di nakapunta... syang.. kita ko n sana sya.. hehe :)

    boom naman, lagi ko kita at galleria dati with her gf.. pero haven't been to galleria for how many months na.. sila p kaya.. naku my other friend like him very much naman :)

    la lang
  • rx - mornings with chico & del

    magic - nights with slick rick & dj logan

    so... like ko cla pareho
  • I prefer RX 93.1. :) Ok rin ang 99.5 RT...
  • well, truthfully, i used to religiously listen to them. but damn! i broke my radio's antenna and now, it can't receive signals from both stations!!! :bawling:

    i'm now tied-up listening to my cd's.
  • ill go with Magic 89.9. they have the coolest dj's and songs. rx is a close 2nd and 3rd is 99.5 rt.
  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Expert 🎖️
    i listen to both since they both have agood lineup of songs
  • I prefer MAGIC 89.9... for the following reasons....

    - cool DJS... and when I say cool, I really mean cool! :)
    - great music!
    - have different segments wherein they play different types of songs
    - cool and great interactions with their listeners
    - the chatroom!!! it's so cool!

    magic rules!!! peace ya'll! :drive:
  • kelangan pa bang i-memorize yan? :lol:
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