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(Sorry if the subject sounds a bit obscene but i needed to catch your attention!)

I don't know why. It hurts from the nipple area to the side. I tried charting the days of my menstruation because my mom said that it might be due to my period. Actually, I did see a pattern. Every 20 or so day of the month it starts hurting. But lately it hurts even if i just finished my period..:ayaw:

I tried the breast check thing, I didn't feel any lump (thank God) but it also hurts a bit if i put pressure while feeling it.

I'm getting scared...as in really scared! :(

These are some of the "possible" reasons (i think) why my breasts hurt:

a. I smoke

b. because of my period

c. it's something normal for women

d. I have big boobs ( cap C)

...can't think of any anymore......




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