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What Do U Honestly ThiNk of the Paintings Currently Produced by "New Artists"?

The thing is most of such paintings i think r into social relevance, which is ugh to me. Produce great art first...it is unquestionnably relevant in the end!


  • Paintings depict what the artist usually sees. There was a time that paintings were mostly on fiestas/festivals...well now the artists are into the socio-political-economic thing. I think there's nothing wrong with that. :)

    Good painters paint and sell well...great painters see, starve and die before they sell well...that is, if ever they are appreciated.
  • i wouldn't say i'm not cultured but c'mon... i don't even KNOW or HEAR of any new artists and their works...

    maybe that's saying something about how they are only popular within their culture
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