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Karen Davila, I Like!

i don't know.........basta gusto ko siya.......

galing porma


  • Originally posted by leorainj
    Well, there's not yet any confirmation from the giant network if Karen's existing shows will be axe soon. I'm pretty sure you got the news from an article written by one of the tabloid journalist. Personally, I really don't trust tabloid reporters because they can be sometimes irresponsible. The other day Aster Amoyo wrote about Karens "Headlines" going off soon. If you notice her article today, it seems she took back what she wrote the other day.

    "Karen Davila’s “Head­lines” is staying in its timeslot while Tina Monzon-Palma and Angelo Castro “The World Tonight” is staying on cable channel ANC (ABS-CBN News Channel.) "

    There you go now! Although I respect Aster Amoyo & I really believe she's one of the few good tabloid writers, I guess it's better if we get the final words from any of ABS-CBN's top executives or Karen herself.

    Karen is a very talented news anchor & I'm sure ABS-CBN got more plans for her. I think she actually got known more after moving to ABS-CBN. In fact she was give two tv programs plus a daily radio show (Pasada 6:30)

    Peace Out!

    i agree :)
  • i like, too :)
  • chloe15chloe15 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i used to like her too pero after the death of rico yan.. ewan ko. parang di ko na sha gusto? :confusing:
  • videoguest_karen.jpg

    i like too!

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