whatever happened to your high school A-list?

Ever watched Romy and Michele's HS reunion or the show PoPular? Then you certainly know about the A-list.

They were the ones who ruled your high school. The jocks, the pretty girls, the hearthrobs...you know who I mean. It seemed they were destined to either have it easy or have it all.

But as everyone who's stepped into college knows, its a whole different ballgame out there. A new level playing field even, and sometimes hidden potentials come to the fore. High school may pigeonhole you into the type of person you were expected to be, but getting out of your hs alma mater makes you the person you want to be.

So,just wondering, did your high school A-list retain their former glory? or have you now surpassed them in leaps and bounds? :hmm:


  • *keyah**keyah* On My Side Still PExer
    I dunno... I really don't care.
  • rains_delightrains_delight Banned by Admin PExer
    nope, most of my classmates who used to belong to the best class and the most good looking guys did not finish school.
  • jaypogijaypogi hmm... pogi ba talaga? PExer
    ayan yung JOCK, heartthrob..... crush ng bayan! leadership ang dating....

    andito na siya sa AMERICA....... nag PEPEX.... still single!:wink:

  • LennyLenny SCHEISSE!!!! PExer
    Became nobodies... hehehe
  • jb_babyjb_baby SexyBeast PExer
    Lenny : so did mine hehe :devious:

    most of them are bums or druggies...tsktsk. :ayaw:
  • BlisterBlister chutzpah PEx Rookie ⭐
    uh yeah.. i remember this girl who keeps on dancing with the tune dirty dancing on stage while bunch of guys lift her up.. mala alma moreno.. :p i find her, trying hard then... pero i heared guys drool whenever they see her...
    well.. the last thing that i heared about her was... she got married early... coz.. nabuntis ata... :D
  • AnGeLJoLiAnGeLJoLi Canto 10 Circle 9 PExer
    Most of the "in" crowd, since I studied in an exclusive school, became pregnant as soon as we graduated. Others, well, they became nobodies, much to my delight.
  • LennyLenny SCHEISSE!!!! PExer
    oh yeah forgot, some became pregnant, some their beauties just faded away and looked more like prostis. And there was this small maangas guy from HS, news went around that sa sobrang angas niya may nakabangga siyang DLSU PEP squad, ayun nagtago. hehehe
    Originally posted by jb_baby
    Lenny : so did mine hehe :devious:

    most of them are bums or druggies...tsktsk. :ayaw:
  • MingTsaiMingTsai Member PExer
    our valedictorian - works for starbucks, told us he's a manager, but after some spying, we found out he's not.

    salutatorian - still in school

    1st honorable mention - got pregnant after college

    2nd honorable mention - well, she was a cum laude in UP, spent a year in rehab and now in a law school somewhere

    me - a PEXer. :cheese:
  • saywhatsaywhat xxx PExer
    Well the goody-goody holier-than-thou geeks got knocked up in their 1st or 2nd year of college. Miss Best-In-Conduct (yeah we have that stupid award) is working as a dancer in Japan to feed her 3 kids, because the good-for-nothing jerk who got her pregnant left her.

    And there's the heartthrob student council chairman back in HS who was so full of himself... See, he didn't finish high school, now a drug addict, unemployed, got kids he can't support, and he looks nothing like the confident good-looking guy that he was. He's just my age, 25, pero mukha na siyang kuwarenta at mukhang kriminal. :hopeless:

    Others didn't finish college.

    A few are in rehab. These were the teachers' pets back then who'd frown at you when they'd hear you curse.

    Some are just.... no comment. 'Nuf already.
  • do_jourdo_jour Member PExer
    naku yung isa sobrang sikat dahil sa ganda at talino nung hs, ngayon, 2 na anak, jobless pa pati asawa pareho kse di na nakapag college :)

    yung isa naman, hearthrob kuno nung hs, di rin natapos college kse nag-asawa na din tapos ang napangasawa eh not-so-goodlooking :)

    di naman sa pag-aano ha pero sila yung mga tinitingala namin noon sa skul. at ang tataray pa nila ever noon ha! :)
  • IvesIves HoneyNiMike PExer
    well, some finished college, some did not :)

    some got pregnant after graduation :)

    some have no work :) 'PAL' :)

    some are into drugs :)

    tapos, ako eto... pex na lang :) buti na lang ordinaryong tao lang ako nung high school :)
  • femmefatale22femmefatale22 Waiting in Vain PExer
    well, those who we're popular bec they were pretty and those who belong to the Maria Clara Club (sobrang manang kasi eh) we're already married bec. they got preggy. Some of them even had 2 kids already.

    Some of the "miss-goody-two-shoes" got preggy din...

    and the low profiles we're the ones who have good jobs :D
  • cartoonistcartoonist m?n?ch PExer
    Most of them have families of their own pagkagraduate pa lang ng High School. Kaya tuwing reunion OP ako dahil puro mga anak na pinaguusapan nila. Mwahahahaha!!! Ako single pa rin at nag-eenjoy sa buhay! :lol:
  • KiTTY2babeKiTTY2babe Resident Feline PExer
    Some of them are leading troubled unhappy lives. The world is crueler now that they're out of high school and they just could not deal.
  • PhilophobicPhilophobic scarred PExer
    isa sa mga "hearthrob" namin, na laging cheerleader...ayon, nabuntis daw.
    ...tapos, guy na crush ng campus, tumaba na bwehehehe.

    ...at yung valedictorian namin...ayon, cute pa rin :D ...matalino pa rin, which is good.
  • jb_babyjb_baby SexyBeast PExer
    i don't want to be too gleeful :rotflmao: about the misfortune of others pero, funny kasi sobra silang high and mighty nung hs...and look at them now :hopeless:

    common yata yung di mag-finish ng college and having kids early.
    they haven't even enjoyed life and they're saddled with resposibilities na. sarap kaya maging single :uhhuh:

    i think they thought their popularity will extend to the real world...they had to learn the hard way tuloy that life doesn't always work the way you planned. :twitch:
  • Econ_majorEcon_major Working Fella PExer
    Am one of tmy high school's A-List. well, now that am at a university, parang namiss ko ung time na ako ung sikat. tsk tsk tsk. pero am happy kci kahit for a time lng, naging A-list ako. hahahaha !

  • angel_princessangel_princess ...ain't love grand... PExer
    I believe a few of the In-Crowd graduated HS and went on to college to study - most of them are working in retail sales at the moment. Others are just being bums. Most of them, whilst being the In-Crowd, weren't academically gifted so their results in HS were mediocre - so college wasn't really high on their list of priorities then. Honestly, I don't see many of my former Batchmates now so I'm probably making gross generalisations. But a year after graduating that's where most of them were. 3 years on, only God knows.
  • Marianne clefMarianne clef Girl Power! PExer
    i dunno. i even don't care! they should go to hell!


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