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deterioration of the realm

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why is the realm so caught up with everything religious? seems like the realm of thought is getting a bit narrow minded...there is a whole other realm out much more to talk about...not that i'm against's just sooo - tiring. talk about somethin' else like - i dunno - the beauty of pain, existentialism, the depth of sadness...whatever


  • true, there are so much more things to discuss rather than religion. however, that would leave the vast majority of PEx RoT'ers to blindly perticipate in discussions which they have little or no interest in. Filipinos, like Indians, are as if "intoxicated" by religion. This coupled with the "medieval" philosophical trends predominant in today's Philippine society, would guarantee that in every "philosophical" discussion, religion would always be its core.
  • Jonga
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    sadly, sometimes pinoys consider philosophy equal to theology
  • CaliMaki
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    Then why not start other topics?
  • raggster
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    i think it's a cycle of sorts. about three months ago, threads about Wiccan and the occult were popping up left and right. and now, we're seeing the tail end of religious threads. lately more threads are discussing natural and social sciences. so i don't think we should raise any eyebrows just yet. :)
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    My interest in this forum is starting to abate. I thought that topics here would be diverse but it seems that almost all of them, as you said, are related to religion. The topics and the arguementation are very esoteric and imho, no longer attracts the attention of an average reasonable person. There should be something like "Academic" and "Pangkanto" sections. :)
  • Ali
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    I'm a philosophy teacher, and when I joined PEx long ago, I thought I'd be a regular on the Realm of Thought.

    But this hasn't exactly been a place conducive to level-headed intellectual discussion. Too many people just drag all their baggage and prejudice all around without listening to other voices.

    Religion's fine with me. Esoterica's fine with me. As long as people are reasonable and open-minded. Alas, on these threads, if you go out on a limb and post honestly, you risk unprovoked attacks or even ridicule.

    Sayang. Kasi may mga matitino pa namang usapan at maraming mahuhusay na tao rito.
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    Because every serious student of religion believes that the answers to life's problems and the Hereafter lies in the study of GOD. But unfortunately, bias, preconceived notions and people's unwillingness to undergo a paradigm shift has been the order of the day in RoT.

    Many are unwilling to accept things even with proof, and many are willing to accept things even without proof.

    Indeed, they have rejected this without studying and examining it, and before understanding it...

    They are the ones who examine all words, then follow the best. These are the ones whom GOD has guided; these are the ones who possess intelligence.

    No matter what kind of proof comes to them from their Lord, they turn away from it, in aversion.

    Most of them follow nothing but conjecture, and conjecture is no substitute for the truth...
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    ...the only solution I see is that we make threads that we deem worthy and bump it a lot. :lol:
  • ...which means we must outnumber those...never mind. :D
  • rors
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    ang dami kasing hindi maintindihan ang mga tao sa religion nila eh. :D

    game, start ng bagong threads!
  • raggster
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    Originally posted by rors
    ang dami kasing hindi maintindihan ang mga tao sa religion nila eh. :D

    worse yet, of other peoples' religions and beliefs. *sigh!*

    but to this forum's credit, there are some newer threads where level-headed discussion is taking place.
  • game, start ng bagong threads!

    i think we should do his gradually. we can start by using semi-religious threads concerning ethics and then slowly veer away with religion altogether to avoid shock.
  • Why is the realm so caught up with everything religious? Because just about everybody has an opinion about it (however senseless it sometimes is). If I start a thread about psychology here (SPA, psychodiagnostics, etc), I wouldn't get too many responses. Similarly, if philosophy graduates start a thread about existentialism, it will only be you philosophy graduates who will be able to respond with a degree of proficiency.
  • Maybe I should start working in a factory of nuclear weapons and also buy a share in that company. Then I'll earn alot of bucks $_$ when the war broke out!! I'll be stinking rich by the end of war.

    that's why i sugggest resorting to a theodicy first, then to the metaphysical questions, then to the mainstream philosophies. By then, perhaps the PExers are ready to tackle more relevant issues then bashing religion.
  • its starting again, oh well...
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    If you like a more organized discussion board, I would like to recommend

  • i bumps this thread :drive:
  • religion's popular here because everyone's right with all things religion. it's not even about religion anymore, it's about how much you've convinced yourself that you are right.

    and besides, as if anyone can 100% say that you are wrong with what you believe in.
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    The good topics that are not religion/philosophy are in other threads. CD/Film/Software Piracy is discussed in their respective threads while good governance et al are in LAFI. Problem is, a lot of the people in the other threads do not have enough knowledge as regards these matters. The Piracy threads, for example, are filled with idiots who keep mouthing the "piracy is bad for the industry" crap without really thinking about it.

    Which reminds me, I have to start a piracy thread around here somewhere...
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