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is winmx the best file sharing utility nowadays?

or is what your using better?


  • Im using winmx. So far, i appreciate it. :sunny: it's easy to use kc eh.

    ==meow, meow :cat:==
  • i'm using it too. and it's good. dali lang gamitin.:)
  • madali ngang gamitin...pero mukhang puro common songs ang mahahanap mo...

  • is winmx the best file sharing utility nowadays?

    i don't think so. :no:

    KAZAA is the most popular p2p file sharing software nowadays. It is the MOST DOWNLOADED software in download.com. It has been downloaded 98,354,293 while WinMX has been downloaded only 3,749,844. more downloads means more users, and larger database.

    evidently, Kazaa is the most popular file sharing system.

    i find Kazaalite better. it uses the same Kazaa server but without those ads. Kazaalite.com
  • Det7Det7 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    kazaalite kadodownload ko lang kahapon. mganda daw kasi yon.. pro di ko pa natatry. try niyo pra sama sama tayo! :bounce:
  • well, im very satisfied with my kazaa.

    before, i was using audio galaxy...eh wala na ata...so kazaa na lang...

    mas user friendly sya. parang audiogalaxy.

  • i don't like winmx, i rarely find what i'm looking for.

    since AG's gone, i'm using Kazaa. it's good. can't really compare to AG's practicality (i liked being able to see what songs i'd already downloaded on my AG home page) but it's a good replacement.
  • gamit ko rin ngayon KaZaa mas okay na siya at least lahat ng kailangan ko nandoon na...

    "Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus"
  • imesh is where it's at, kids.
  • mac326mac326 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    IRC is the best.

    audiogalaxy used to be my favorite.
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