Opus Dei - Opinions?

batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
So what do you think of this group? What have your experiences been if any?


  • uptowngirluptowngirl Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Before my freshman year in college, I had a seminar that was organized by Lunday which is Opus Dei, eventually, I started going to Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings, and Tutorials. I also tried teaching kids (Cathechism). Anyway, I enjoyed much of my stay in Lunday and admire them for their discipline and beliefs. They really helped me strenghtened my relationship with God.

    However, they're too strict and traditional for my personality. I was being trained to become a numerary (those who stay single) and I didn't feel comfortable with the idea. Today, I just visit every now and then.

    I feel the Opus Dei is misunderstood. It is not a religion but a supplement (much like El Shaddai with much much much less noise) to enrich the Catholic faith.

    Tsaka, bat ganun laging galit ang tao sa Opus Dei dahil sobrang traditional daw? But the thing is they're just being moral. If we think real hard, they're just being basically good. Like Senator Kit Tatad, he's just an advocate for "goodness". I must admit, that trait doesn't go a long way in politics, but he's just being morally right.


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  • DavidDavid Member PExer
    I am from UA&P, which is a university run by Opus Dei. Though I am not a member of this religious society I am very much thankful for its influence in the kind of education that is given to us. Though it is traditional, I believe that students from UA&P are more well-rounded individuals-- spiritually, emotionally, intellectually...and this is because of our mentors who are mostly part of the Opus Dei community.
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    I am not a member, but I'm very familiar with them because I studied in a PAREF school. Members include taxi drivers, helpers, teachers, etc. These people you wont notice because they're quiet. But they are members. If you were a victim of their 'recruitment efforts', that's too bad. But don't let your ... anger, bias, disgust?... rule you, as you can see, some people have said good things about them too. :)
  • KamatayanKamatayan www.digitalfrap.com PExer
    BU mentioned this in another topic and in my experience it seems to be true. The Opus Dei people I know (which are quite few) are all rich or at the least upper middle class. Is this deliberate on their part ?
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    I may be biased but I concur with your observation regarding the Opus Dei members. I think the group's recruitment efforts are directed towards the rich, the influential and the well educated. I think if they are truly serious about their christian mission, the group should open their ranks to include the poor and the downtrodden.
  • batang uliranbatang uliran Administrator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    That's good if it is indeed true that Opus Dei has many poor members. I will say though that in my many trips to Kapuluan and Kulyawan, I never saw any of those members you mentioned. My mom has received easily 2 dozen invitations to go on retreats with her friends who are members of the Opus Dei and while she has refused every single one of them the attendance at these activities as told to her has not included any of those groups you mentioned. And many well heeled Makati businessmen and corporate executives are card carrying Opus Dei members. My problem with the group is that they cater to the rich and not enough to the poor. They maintain opulent houses, study centers, and prayer facilities instead of using a substantial portion of their finances towards improving the lot of our less fortunate bretheren. Their schools are the most exclusive and the most expensive in the country - putting even so-called exclusive schools like La Salle and Ateneo to shame! My bottom line here is there are many other religious groups, including your local parish in many instances, that are truer to the Christian vocation. They are as right of center as Liberation theology is left of center.
  • brownpaubrownpau Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Allow me to resurrect this thread and see what other points of view exist regarding this Roman Catholic organization.

    Any other opinions and experiences?
  • ziggyboyziggyboy Member PExer
    Thanks brownpau, I did not see this thread earlier. I also studied in a PAREF school back in grade school and some high school (hehe, not graduated though).

    uptowngirl: Opus Dei is actually a "Personal Prelature", which is almost synonymous to a diocese; and DEFINITELY NOT to be compared to El Shaddai. It's actually the only personal prelature in existence. They have an archbishop who heads them but that's for the WHOLE of Opus Dei in the world, unlike in a diocese which is bound by geographical borders, a personal prelature has only their members as their limits. In effect, Opus Dei members worldwide should recognize the Opus Dei archbishop also as their bishop and not just (for example) Cardinal Sin.

    David: Very true!

    CaRaMBa, Kamatayan, batang uliran: Actually, there is a reason why Opus Dei somehow focuses on prominent people (although they would deny they do--they also have programs for the poor--they run a school for farmers too! Not to mention the Southridge Night School!). Opus Dei believes that one can achieve becoming a true Christian by just doing what you normally do without doing anything extraordinary...because everyday life can be a prayer in itself! Somehow we get the notion that when you are rich, you're supposed to give away our riches to fully follow God; and when you're poor, you're more likely to enter Heaven. Touching the hearts of the rich and making them do what is moral and just will make more impact to more people because they are influential. EXAMPLE: There is a cruel rich man with 50 workers in his factory. Evangelize the workers and they might end up sacrificing more or complain less, but evangelize the cruel rich man and you will also help the 50 workers as a result.

    Well some of the ideas here are my personal point of views expecially the last ones, so please, don't flame Opus Dei.
  • ziggyboyziggyboy Member PExer
    batang uliran: Like I said, they have programs for the poor, and the Southridge Night School is an excellent one. They offer scholarships for the TOP students of public schools ONLY. Did you know that the night school actually has a better passing rate at UP more than the day school (the FREE night school has a higher rank in DECS NSAT compared to the day school and Woodrose, http://www.decs.gov.ph/topnsatncr.htm number 7 sila! talo pa nila Ateneo and Xavier high schools)? But the Night School CANNOT OPERATE without the existence of the day school because it is the "expensive tuition" of the day school that finances them. So by actually studying in Southridge you indirectly sponsor a night school student.

    Night high school students use the SAME facilities and have the SAME teachers as day school and...for FREE! Kaso lang sobrang taas ng requirements nila with grades and you have to come from a public school. Let's see a lowly financed school offer that quality of education to public school students. Would you think it would be possible to do all these without the help of the rich? To have most of their programs for the poor would shoo away the rich and will have dramatic loss of money. Who would fund the newly started programs for the poor? Remember that rich people would only fund organizations they do not benefit from only ONCE IN A WHILE. But those they are a part of would benefit greatly from their generosity.

    Let's see Ateneo, LaSalle GH/Zobel, Colegio San Agustin, Assumption, Poveda, St. Scholastia's or any religios-run high schools produce great public school student graduates and give it to them for FREE! To me, the night school of SR is the best chance that a public school student can ever have in this WHOLE FRIGGIN COUNTRY!
    ...don't know them that much, but I think they're a very conservative group from what I see in my friends going to Opus Dei study centers.
  • Mickey_BlueMickey_Blue Member PExer
    Opus Dei is a not a different religion first and foremost. Opus Dei in Latin means the "work of God". Opus Dei is a Catholic group, just like the Jesuits. Opus Dei's founder, Blessed Jose Maria Escriva, founded this institution to promote the sanctification of one's work. He believes that in whatever we do, we should do it with all our heart and reverence because we should offer it to God. Before joining the Opus Dei, I myself had some misconceptions about it. But later on as I learned more about Opus Dei and its activities, I found out that Opus Dei is a means of bridging oneself closer to God. All of us need spitirual formation so as to vie for redemption. Good day to you all and God Bless!
  • Sta|kerSta|ker Iron Chef Gourmet Sandwich PExer
    Not this order of catholicism again!!! Dang... I hate opus dei... they are the reasons why Catholics in the Filipinos are hindered to progress... My encounter with them sentenced me to scratch up my Parochial organizations...
  • micketymocmicketymoc Oversized Member PExer
    Why? What happened? Could you get into the details?
  • Sta|kerSta|ker Iron Chef Gourmet Sandwich PExer
    I used to be head of several Parish Youth organizations... in my local parish... So one of the organizations I took to focus, which is the Knights of the Altar... It's a youth organizations for male or young men sacristans... Since I have been focusing the organizations with 8 years of my life, I drafted changes that I wanted to include females to this organizations, than the traditional all-male concept... So I propose the idea to our parish priest... He said " no ", he adviced me I should ask the people, mainly the congregation.. then Propose it to the Parish Council... So I got a good number from the people... Then when it came to the Parish Council, they told me to scrap out the idea 'coz many will fight me and turn there back on my idea... They also told me it's a good idea but your largest threat to pull you down is the Opus Dei... What would they think? they said... Since I happen to know that Opus Dei are traditionalists and real tight Cathecists, I can't fight them unless I am a bishop.. or some with parochial power...

    So you see, if you want to raise a parish organization... make it underground.. don't mess with opus dei coz there full of **** with tradition and cathecism... Which will knock you down... I stood up to them, but I endangered myself to excommunication... :mad:
  • dexterFrancisdexterFrancis Member PExer
    they are fun loving people.

    the irony of it however is that most of the members develop the mentality that they are superior in terms of the knowledge of the faith. I don't disagree with their convictions which most consider as overly conventional and too traditional.
  • cLeVa'cLeVa' Member PExer
    y'know, im happy for them that they have all these convictions and try to live moral lives and what not. the only problem i have with them ( actually i don't wanna use the word them coz i don't want to generalize), ok some of them nalang-is that they have very low or zero tolerance for others ways of thinking. i really think tolerance for what others want to believe and not trying to orce them into thinking the way you do is important. Its the only way we can progress and not believe that our religion is BETTER than the others. Their all just different ways of looking at things.
  • StRaphaeLgurLStRaphaeLgurL ¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤¤ PExer
    I think Opus Dei has often been misunderstood... Yes we can say we can't blame people for that. But being rigid with standing for the faith that you believe in is not at all a bad thing.

    Opus Dei has somehow changed many lives in the most special way. It has changed mine, for one. I don't mean to sound apostolic, but I think we all need to give each other the freedom and the chance to live by what we think will complete us.. and will fill the emptiness we all have inside...

  • Sta|kerSta|ker Iron Chef Gourmet Sandwich PExer
    Honestly pure cathecism is no fun at all... coz you percieve everything differently...
  • liwanagliwanag Member PExer
    I really can't say much about this group, bcoz I a not a member. It's just that before attending a school-wide seminar given by the student council of CRC (hindi pa UA&P noon), my Jesuit mentors warned me about them. They told me to keep an open mind, but not believe in everything the Opus Dei might say.

    Once there, the priests and faculty tried to entice to go to CRC, offering us scholarships and whatever. I guess it helped that most of us delegates were from the upper percentile of our batches and that we were student leaders.
    maybe they hoped that in recruiting us, they would recruit others who looked up to us or something.

    freaky lang kasi, and I am a believer in Lib. Theo, so ideologically, we stand on opposite sides.
  • TessariaTessaria Fan Forum's Finest PExer
    Originally posted by Sta|ker
    Honestly pure cathecism is no fun at all... coz you percieve everything differently...

    I guess youre falling into relativism here. I suppose you also think that there are different ways to interpret the Bible? And that the Church position on certain issues are sort of "strict"?

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