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...aNd is It FiNE Being an ONLY CHILD? Is it a blessing or a curse?



  • damnright... i share your friend's sentiments ;).

    it really is cool to be an only child coz you tend to get all the attention and money from your parents, but it's not all fun. there are instances that your parents tend to be over protective of you coz they are afraid to lose their only child and that's where their worries come from, then you're not as free as others, you cannot just attend gimiks especially out-of-town ones at a single request even if you think you're a brat and that you always get what you want. kaya nga cguro for me it's always good to have siblings. there was even a time when i wish my parents could adopt a child so i could have someone who i can call my sibling. i used to envy my cousins when they fight, argue, laugh, play and share stuffs with their siblings coz i think it was fun. and now that i am older i really wished i had even one sibling to share support with when my parents are not physically well or that i dont have to worry about them when im away from home. but then that's life, you cannot always have what you want. but im happy naman with how my life was and is now.
  • i am an only child. most of the time masaya cya kasi wala lang parang ganun! labo no! napaka understanding kasi ng parents ko as in super. AKO LANG NAMAN KASI ANG UUNAWAIN NILA! ang swerte2 ko nga sa kanila e. medyo spoiled brat ako. kapag nag aaway kami ng nanay ko cnasabi nya kung may kapatid lang daw me baka ako na raw ung least favorite nya. malas lang nya :D

    anyway i get to dictate almost everything, but not everything. minsan nga ako pumipili ng damit ng nny ko kapag lumalabas kami e.:p

    tapos merun pa nung cnabi ko sa tatay ko sa phone na mag si shift me parang wala lang. kung nahihirapan daw talaga me e anung magagawa. parang ung commercial na "hello billy..."

    pero CGURO mas masaya rin kung may kapatid ako. sum1 i could look after. dba parang masaya yun. watdya guys think?

  • im an only child and i love it.. ayoko ng siblings... my parents said that ok rin daw pag isa lang... lalo na coz mahirap buhay ngayon...

    i get what i want and im happy.:)
  • strangebrewstrangebrew PEx Rookie ⭐
    i'm also an only child... if i have a choice, i wanna have a sibling (khit isa lang ok na sakin). cympre pag nasa house lang ako, mag-isa lang ako. kc both my parents work so kasama ko lang sa bahay ung lola ko and ung isang katulong. diba lungkot ng ganon? well... sanay na naman ako sa ganung set-up.
  • i am an only child and i really would like a sibling...kahit na sabihin pa ng iba na mahirap magkapatid...gusto ko lang kasi na may maka-usap or makalaro eh...malungkot kasi pag nag-iisa ka. lalo na paglaki mo...sino ng tutulong? you can't rely on your relatives and friends all the time....
  • masarap din may kapatid lalo na younger para pwede mong utusan or may katulong kang gagawa ng mga assignments mo :) joke lang po....
  • only girl here.

    be back later.:cool:
  • jobinjobin PEx Rookie ⭐
    the only child...it may sound good...but it's actually LONELY!
  • me an only child..and very happy with it..:)

    so, ok, there are times na nakaka-irita maging only child.. pano, pag ang parenthood eh nasa mood na mag-sermon, sino lng ba ang sesermunan nya? eh di moi! pag-ganong mga situation, parang gusto kong lumuhod sa langit at humingi ng kapatid.. :D

    pero, most of the time, i still prefer being an only child..medyo lonely, pero ok lng. i can live with it. :)
  • Im an only child too, but not a spoiled brat. my mom raised me nice. she taught me to be disciplined. i cannot get what i want easily. i should always work for it. she's been over protective to me before but now that i am already matured (im 22 yrs old), she knows that i could already handle things in my life.
  • strangebrewstrangebrew PEx Rookie ⭐
    ako ren kahit only child nde ako spoiled.... and hindi rin mahigpit parents ko sakin. nagtataka nga mga friends ko kasi diba parang dapat maging strict ang parents ko kasi only child nga ako. :D
  • PROS:

    ~ i'm really close to my parents and i'm confident of their love, support and understanding
    ~ i can handle being by myself for long periods of time (sometimes i even enjoy the solitude)
    ~ sole possession of the remote control
    ~ walang humihiram ng mga gamit ko
    ~ more money to go around
    ~ spoiled ako sa mga pinsan ko (naawa kasi sa'kin e :p )


    ~ overprotective dad ko dati (curfew ng 8pm, phone curfew 10 pm, no overnights, etc)
    ~ i'm pretty attached to my barkada and my parents (tipong pag nawala yung either maloloka ako)
    ~ yes, it can also get really lonely (i have perfected the fine art of playing chess and other boardgames with myself and my primary playmates as a kid were my pets)
    ~ may tendency akong i-'baby' ng mom ko (who still calls me 'baby' in front of strangers :rolleyes: ) at dependent din mom ko on me
    ~ ako yung bunso sa family kaya may time na ako ang laging inuutusan at pinapagalitan
  • Only Children: Finding the Middle Ground between Lonely and Lionized

    by Robert Needlman, M.D., F.A.A.P.

    Traditionally, so-called only children have gotten a bad name. Not
    many years ago it was common for people to assume that an only child was sure to be hopelessly selfish and spoiled. Experts added to the list of only-child woes, claiming that they were apt to be more aggressive, uncooperative, socially inept, less successful in marriage, and so on.

    But none of this is necessarily true. Only children often grow up to be happy and well adjusted. In fact, being an only child has some advantages: They spend a lot of time interacting with adults, so they develop strong language skills, which serve them well in school and later in life. They enjoy their parents' undivided attention, and never have to suffer the pain of sibling jealousy. And they often enjoy educational, cultural, and travel opportunities that children from large families might miss out on (heehee!).

    But I do think that only children face some real challenges:

    Challenge One: Being too special
    Every child is special, but some are too special. Being too special
    means that a child grows up feeling that she is the only person that matters in the family, and by extension, in the world as a whole. Parents naturally focus a tremendous amount of love and energy on their children, and when there is only one child, the focus can be very intense indeed. Sometimes, too, the events that led up to the child being an "only"--perhaps a long period of infertility, followed by a miraculous pregnancy--also contribute to the parents' conviction that this child must never be allowed to experience sadness or frustration.

    Such an indulged child is bound to be spoiled, of course, but also
    often feels a great deal of pressure to be perfect. When parents
    watch every move a child makes with eagle eyes, she can easily come to feel that any mistake or shortcoming is the end of the world. This makes for very accomplished, sometimes precocious children, but also for a high degree of perfectionism. When only children succeed in meeting parental expectations they are richly rewarded with praise.

    An unintended consequence, however, is the fear that one day they might fail, and lose all. In a sense, they become addicted to praise and don't develop the inner resilience naturally ingrained in children who have to battle for family position. Not all only
    children are "overly special," of course. Many parents balance
    indulgence with limits, and make a conscious effort to keep the
    pressure down.

    Challenge Two: Learning about peers
    Children who grow up with siblings learn a lot about getting along with other people. They learn to tease and to take teasing. They learn how to make coalitions with other children, and how to get out of them when the time comes. They learn how to compete, how to compromise, and how to consider other people's feelings and needs.
    It's harder for only children to learn these lessons, and they tend
    to learn them later. Out-of-home child care helps in this regard. An only child who spends several hours a day in the rough-and-tumble world of a child-care center gets plenty of experience dealing with peers.

    Challenge Three: Dealing with loneliness
    Days can be long for only children, with only their parents to keep
    them company. Without siblings as built-in playmates, only children depend more on friends for company. Parents can help by reaching out to other families in the community, getting to know the other parents, and in that way making it easier for the children to spend time comfortably in various homes. Only children also often develop interests in activities that they can do alone. They learn to enjoy their own company.
  • Though I ain't an only child, feel ko I am. My brother is such a big pain in the hiny. Pagka black sheep and dating kaya yun...
  • ditto.

    used to be an only child - ergo, the favorite son! ;) 'til my 2 brothas came to existence, duh...

    yep, both proved to be a pain in the *****$!
  • for the record, my (girl) best friend is an only child. my other (guy) best friend was an only child for 20years, before his mom gave birth to another kid.

    i am content with being an only child and i really don't see myself as having siblings, but then, i will really never know how it is to have siblings. i know i'm already a handful for my parents so i guess the heavens meant for them to have just me.

    i honestly think the advantages of being an only child greatly outweigh the disadvantages. for one thing, i was able to get the best education and was able to see most of the world, which i'm not sure i would be able to if i had other people to share my parents' resources with.

    i learned how to interact not only with kids my age when i was younger, but also with older people since my parents would always bring me wherever they go. in fact, i found it easier to converse with older people then than with kids my age because while kids my age were busy with comic books and stuff, my mom taught me to browse thru newspapers and more mature reading.

    i was never a geek but since i didn't have siblings to play with, i would usually sit down and watch sesame street on TV or read children's picture bible that were so popular before, or browse thru science books among other things. these activities have helped transform me to the person i am today.

    i was trained to be responsible at such an early age. i was dependent on my parents but at the same time, they taught me to stand up for what i believed in. i was allowed to speak my mind, that's why i guess i'm very much outspoken now. i was never the type to keep my true sentiments inside.

    it's not all roses, being an only child. of course, there's that nagging feeling that if you fail in life, there's no one else in the family to make up for your failures. but then, i was always an assertive person with a really strong personality, much like the two other friends i mentioned earlier, so i know it never takes me long before i could pick myself up and move on to greener pastures.

    if given the choice, i would still rather be an only child. my family and my friends are more than enough to make up for the lack of siblings in my life. i wouldn't want to have it another way.
  • ITS BOTH....

    Being an only child has both privileges and disadvantages...

    Privileges... you get what you want anytime....you can have every luxury that life has to offer..noone bugging you, noone hogging the phone...money is no object...your credit card's limitless....summer escapades and trips abroad are the usual norm ... noone competing with you for your parents attention...you live the pampered life :)

    Downside...you're alone...no one to bond with...your parents are over protective to the point that it drives you insane....your social life is close to null, not unless you bring your nanny and driver with you all the time.... you are treated as though you will never grow up and will forever be their little baby...hence you are always in their shadow... :(
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