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...aNd is It FiNE Being an ONLY CHILD? Is it a blessing or a curse?



  • Originally posted by schmuckersh
    hey there, black! well i see we're more or less on the same boat..though it seems as if you're better off kasi ako di naman spoiled talaga. (promise hinde!) hay nako, dontcha agree hassle talaga maging only child?! kaya ako pag mag-asawa na'ko, gusto ko dami anak! hehe..pero whatever na lang talaga. lam mo yun? cge thanks for answering ah, you take care na lang. cheers!

    u sure you're not spoiled? hehehe..
    actually, me too, i want to have many kids... sobra!!!
    i'm gonna fill the house with many children!!!

    you take care too... whatever problem there is that you have, we Pexers are here for ya!

    kaya nga may PEX, para sa'ting mga only child! hehehe
  • I'm an only child.

    I'm not spoiled.
    Charmed.(you may call it romantic)

    I'm actually the only child. Everybody would think that I'm spoiled - No I'm not. I'm 20 now; guess what, I have great plans to become a dad. And guess the family size? 12, Including me and my future wife. 10 sons.

    The advantages: You learn to love yourself. But not to the point of being too selfish. Allright, everybody has its own way of being selfish. I don't deny that. You may appreciate or show concern more to your friends since you have no younger brothers or sisters. You tend to care for your friends as brothers/sisters.Independent, as there is no close kin or relative that is/are there to help you 100% of the time.

    The disadvantages: People tend to look at you as a person with horrifying attitude. They don't have a basis actually, they don't know how I am inside, They don't know how I live, They don't know how it is to be like the only child.

  • JUSTIN19, justin matthew A? kaw ba yan??? hi!!
  • :laugh:

    Sorry I'm not Justin Matthews!
    I'm Justin T.H. :laugh:

    Anyway, Great to see you. :grin:
  • :lol:

    For those of you who are curious, I'm not Justin TRYING HARD

  • :) hi! m soree...coz i have a friend hus name is also justin, and it just so happened that he is also the only child with the same age as urs....neways...nice chattin... :)
  • I'm an only child as well. . .but there's a catch: my parents are separated. I live alone, too. . .:)

    In my experience, being an only child is more advantageous. Here's why:

    1. Being responsible - Even at a young age, my grandma used to tell me na maayos daw ako sa lahat ng gamit ko, organized sa lahat ng ginagawa. Since I'm all alone, I've learned to be responsible for everything that I have to do. I don't need other people to do anything that I can do on my own.

    2. Independence - Nobody to help you, nobody to be there just in case something small goes wrong. dapat ikaw narin ang bahala sa everyday routines of your life. Even in the company of other people, I have this tendency to do things on my own. It's not that I'm avoiding or anything like that. It's just a means of showing them that 'I can do this' kind of attitude.

    Being an only son presents itself with some consequences, but those consequences are beneficial since they help you mold into a better, responsible, disciplined, & independent person. I'm proud of what I've become. . .coming from both a broken family & an only son. Shine on, only children:)


    Where I walk, I walk alone. . .where I fight, I fight alone
  • i'm an only child and i can say that it's a combination of both! It would be nice to have a sibling...but if you're an only child you get most of the things you want and the attention especially the money is all yours...but you would also long for a sibling where you could confide in, take care of and mold in your own behavior or way of life and thinking...if i ever had one...i would turn him/her to a monster...:D

  • shoshi.gif

    Where I walk, I walk alone. . .where I fight, I fight alone [/QUOTE]

    can i just say how much i love this line?! ****...tnx dude.
    yeah and i'll just add that i really am pissed at ppl who go,"ay only child ka...<knowing look>" like duh?! as if you know anything about me to start judging me...dba?! la lang himutok lang ng damdamin..hehe
  • Akala ng iba na madali lang maging only child kse walang kapatid na umaaway sa iyo and almost lahat ng gusto mo nasusunod. Pero sa tingin ko mas mahirap nga yun eh. Like in this point of time, di pa ako makapag-isa kse natatakot yung parents ko baka ano na ang mangyari sa akin. Gustong-gusto ko nang maging independent--to do things on my own para naman sa future eh, hindi na ako nangangapa. At saka akala ng iba na walang pressure pero ako lang ang inaasahan ng parents ko kaya kailangan din marunong ako sa buhay...
  • i agree with marcy 16. ang mga only child mas madaling natututo sa buhay cos early on palang, puro grown-ups na ang kasama nila. mas independent sila (at least yung di mga rich na spoiled ah) at responsable kya minsan mas seryoso sa mga kaibigan nila na maraming kapatid.
  • I think I share the same sentiments here. There's both the blessing and the curse; you just have to find the middle ground to stay balanced and sane.

    The only problem? When you're an only child and you're a girl, you're always caught between responsible decision-making and obligatory conformity.

  • Originally posted by WICKEDQUEEN
    The only problem? When you're an only child and you're a girl, you're always caught between responsible decision-making and obligatory conformity.


    only child din ako, and your so right in being caught between this situations.Minsan, nakakafrustrate na.nakakainis lang din, dahil minsan pagnalaman ng iba na only child ka. they have this preconceived notion na you are a snob or a brat. :chainsaw:

    its a blessing, dahil ikaw lang ang center of attention. it's a curse, lalo na pagandami mong problema at wala kang matakbuhan at wala kang kakampi.
  • Originally posted by nak8deyes .
    it's a curse, lalo na pagandami mong problema at wala kang matakbuhan at wala kang kakampi.[/QUOTE]

    you're correct about that one. pag only child ka. Pero yun ang ikinakatakot ko:eek:Akala ng mga friends ko na wala akong problem--na happy ako because of material things. Yun ang akala nila.Right now, my family is facing a lot of problems. To think na ako lang ang nakapag-aral sa isang private school na medyo matino and i think na ako na lang ang inaasahan na tumulong sa kanila.I'm taking premed right now. Paano kung di ko matapos yun?Ano na lang ang sasabihin ng family ko?:(Like nak8deyes have said, pag may problem ka, wala nang ibang tutulong sa iyo...except yourself
  • korek kyo dyan. di naman kasi lahat ng only child pinganak sa mayayaman na pamilya eh. like me. working class lang naman ang family namin,though we're able to enjoy a bit more luxuries than others..i guess, since nag-aral din ako sa exclusive school all my life and now, in a prestigious university din naman..pero di lahat ng gusto ko sanang makuha na material things nakukuha ko. dami rin financial problems? see? and to think nag-iisang anak ako ah. funny nga minsan i think sana nga super spoiled na lang ako, as expected from being an "unica hija". hehe! pero i just think na swerte rin ako dahil if not for the bad times, i wouldn't be as strong as i am right now. feeling ko mas maaga ako nag-mature compared to my non-only child friends. and somehow, ironic as i see it sometimes, i'm pretty grateful for this! :socool:
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
  • meron ba sa inyong mga unico iho o iha? as in nag-iisang anak lang? kung oo, dito na kayo!
  • i am and i am happy since i get a lot of the things that i want...and i don't get to share em with snotty brothers or sisters...I dont have siblings that will report to my parents my bad habits...:glee:

    "Embrace The Darkness"
  • damnrightdamnright PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    i'm not an only child but i have a friend who is one. and when asked how it felt, she answered: "I really would have liked to have a sibling if I have a choice coz it's not all fun as you would all like to think."
    well if I do have a choice as well, i want to experience being an only child. i'm kinda fed up with all the sibling wars and misunderstandings. and for once i would have almost all that i wanted coz their budget that's supposed to be divided to 4 children would all go to me now. not that they have a choice.:glee:

    what a brat!:evil_lol:
  • soy hija unica :)

    actually double-sided sya. most of the time, i'm ok with my being an only child especially re money, time and stuff. eh isa na nga lang ako hindi pa masyado inaasikaso (in the past) paano kung dalawa kami? yun nga lang sana may kapatid ako para payagan ako sa gimikan lagi :D

    :) :(
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