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Who has it the hardest - the Eldest, Middle or Youngest Child?

R u the Eldest? Middle? Youngest Child? How is it being one? Is it okay or not? Cons and pros?


  • IraIra PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm the eldest, so I am biased in saying that it's the hardest position to be in. I had to "pave" the way for my younger sibs--my parents were stricter with me,I had the earliest curfew, and when I fought with my siblings, I was the one who got scolded because I was "nakakatanda" and that I should have known better. By the time my siblings reached teenage years my parents have learned to be more lax with them, after the trial-and-error experiences they've had with me. One thing nice about being the eldest child, though, is that parents tend to push eldest kids to succeed more than they do younger ones. While I wasn't forced to enter medicine, they paid more attention to my achievements and encouraged me compared to how they were with my siblings.
  • BadGiRLBadGiRL PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i'd say the easiest is to be the youngest... errr..contradicting na ata sa topic...

    hmmm... siguro the eldest talaga... more or less sila yung laging pinapagalitan at ang mga expectations ng mga parents nila sa kanila mas mataas dahil they'd have to set good examples for their sibs to follow..... and isa pa... kung d kasalanan ng eldest sila parin ang may kasalanan kasi they did not do anything to prevent some kind of bad situation from occurring to their sibs....
  • Siyempre kung sino horny... he has it "hardest" hehehe
  • Oo nga Ira, tapos, nauunahan pa sa kasalan ano? :)
  • Kamatayan: AHAHAHHAHA!!!

    being the middle child is difficult coz its either the parents attention is on the youngest or the eldest child.
    kids need lots of attention. coz from attention, they would feel loved and secured. unfortunately, middlle children seldom gets their parents attention and when they grow up, they become somewhat distant from the members of the family.

    hmmm...however, i think everybody has their fair share of difficulties as a member of a family. may they be the eldest, middle or the youngest...being just a SIBLING is difficult.
  • Nyarrh eh ako kse youngest child na nga, babae pa!#$%^&*@! Sows... my friends know how hard it is pag magpa-paalam ako.. kaya palusot na nga lang! There was a time my parents won't allow me to go to the kanto alone, papasunod pa yung maid. Sus!#$%>;@&!?! Kaya pag lalabas na ako ngayon, wala nang paalam and I go home safe rin naman. Nasanay sa wakas. But they still won't allow me to drive nor commute. I know how to though, but I'll never tell them! Baka di na ako palabasin ng bahay! :( Plus they ALWAYS call me, like every hour, when I'm out. Even if I'm only in school. Kaya I'm always texting kse ang kulet ng tatay ko, sows!$#@%<;^&*@#! :(

    *sapak Kamats* eh kung babae???
  • I felt sorry for Kamatayan.. I guess he's always hit the "hardest" I wonder how his days go by????? :)
  • DEFINITELY THE ELDEST!!! I'm the eldest and ever since i was little, I was always responsible for my sisters...my mom would always tell me..."When I'm not home, you're the Mommy". And when one of my sisters and i would fight, kahit hindi ako may kasalanan...ako parin may kasalanan...my mom would say..."You're the eldest so you should be patient."

    I also got the earliest curfew....i had the hardest time making paalam...and being allowed as well...Ako lagi inuutusan...like enrolling my sisters...arghh...i hate that...and hirap pumila eh.

    But my being the eldest also has it's rewards...like I dont get Hand-me-Downs...lahat ng clothes ko bago...and i get to drive first...and i get to have an extension of my mom's credit card first...and hopefully, i get to have my own car first... :)
  • it's really hard to be the eldest child in the family. ur burdened with the responsibility of trying to help out ur parents (even if ur still young) i mean like right now, i have to postpone any plans for graduate school coz i have to help out in the financial problems at home after college.

    i agree with most of the posts here...the eldest kids always have to understand and be patient with siblings. dammit i'm just a kid! when my bro hits me i gotta hit him back!

    hmm how i wish i wasn't the eldest...why o why didn't i have a kuya?!!! :(
  • CaRaMBaCaRaMBa Administrator PEx Moderator
    The only child has it the hardest. Well, everything has its advantages and disadvantages. In general, I don't think may 'lugi'. It really depends on the family. :D
  • since i'm the second of three siblings, i'd say it's hardest to be the one in the middle.

    you can't fight with your eldest kasi "mas matanda yan"... and you can't fight with your youngest kasi "bata lang yan". kailangan intindihin mo na lang lahat.

    i don't know what's with my folks pero eversince we were still kids, mas strict sila sa akin. they'd give me the responsibilities na dapat e nasa utol kong matanda. siguro they knew na una talagang mag-aasawa ang kuya ko kaya alam nilang ako ang mag-aalaga sa youngest namin.

    pero a friend told me that pag ikaw daw ang gitnang anak... you either end up as the blackship of the family or you'll be the most successful among the siblings. ewan ko lang kung asan ako dun?
  • i'm the eldest ... i like the experimentation, the game of stretch-the-rules-to-the-limit ... & the rules r really strict, esp. for girls ...

    yes, we do tend to get noticed more, for good or bad ... but coping with attention early did help me learn how to face up to older ppl, understand younger ppl, & love every minute i spend with ppl my age ...

    plus i love the "junior mommy" privilege ... although it took my younger sis & bro some time to find out that my name is not "ate" ...
  • Oo nga, parang mahirap yung sandwiched ka. Pag dalawa kayo in-between, ok lang kasi me kakampi ka di ba?
  • i'm the youngest kesi , i have 4 brothers i'm the only girl ...sometimes it's okay kesi daming body guards but sometimes ...mahirap ang dami mong bantay . the hardest part lang siguro is madalas kang mautusan kesi bunso :)
  • Madalas bang mapabili ng mantika at toyo sa kanto, Valerie? lol
  • They say it is the middle who has it the hardest. Eldest gets leeway more than the others, youngest is usually the favorite but the middling child gets the least attention.

    They say that they grow up to be the more responsible, the more apt to become independent early on and is usually the more hardworking among siblings. Maybe it should be said they're the luckiest too?
  • The first born child is the guinea pig of the family. First time parents are still feeling their way through parenthood daw. The youngest, on the other hand, has to put up with bullying brothers and sisters (sorry for bullying you Neo, or is it the other way around?) The second child, on the third hand (huh?) is sandwiched between the two and has his/her own problems.

    I'd say they all have their pros and cons.
  • slurburn : oo nga eh .... hehehehehe :)
  • wolverine: ur three in the family and there's two males and bunso is girl? Do u think mas okay yung ganon, i mean the combination or arrangement even boy-boy-girl. Is it better than a boy-girl-boy set up or girl-boy-boy where mas matanda yung babae. Would u have it na may ate ka?

    bunny: di obvious ang angst ha! :)

    Ham: ur a middle child? did u not feel "sandwiched"? But u turned ok right?

    mavi: r u the eldest? how does it feel exactly being an ate?

    Anyone from a large family? How were things when u were growing up, considering ur position (?) and that u were just too many and all?

  • I'm the youngest but I really can't say that I have it the hardest or the easiest. I get breaks like my brother. Sometimes it's hard coz it's not easy to follow in his footsteps. Sometimes it's easy naman kse he has already paved the way.

    We've debated about this topic so many times before and we always never really come to a conclusion. We reach a compromise though that being either the eldest or the youngest has both it's advantages and disadvantages -- different in kind but same in degree. Equality rules. :)
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