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most jerk in CSB

well, just a survey:D


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    Initials na lang ilalagay ko! kasi pexer din siya! F.M! :vomit:
    :ayaw: bwisit itong lalake na ito! he is a big guy... who backstab, who manipulates the decisions of his friends. A major *****$#ol3!
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    talagang BU?AGan pa no? hehehe :D
  • meron ako dati naasabay sa colorum,2 lalake and englisg speacking,kaya lang pucha wala kameng narinig sa kanla kundi f*** nakakahiya,magkamuka sila...i dunno the name and i dont want to know it!?
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    talagang BU?AGan pa no? hehehe :D

    :D YUP!!!!
  • sir peej bu?ag isnt a jerk.. he's nice :P
  • whew. kala ko andito ako. hehe...
  • Multiplayer Strategy

    Be aggressive. In Command & Conquer Generals the person constantly on the move is usually the victor. If you are being aggressive most of the battles will take place in your opponent's territory. Because of this, any collateral damage or units left over in the aftermath can hurt your opponent's base. If you can run by his Supply Center/Stash and take out a couple collectors then you've just gained a huge edge even if the battle plays out the same as it would have anywhere else.

    Turtling. The opposite of an aggresive stance is called "turtling" - and turtles rarely win. The only benefit is to delay your downfall. Supplies are key and a turtle cannot gather supplies later on. Money spent building stationary defenses is wasted since a smart commander can bring in artillery that destroys them from a distance.

    Attack Priorities. When attacking an opponent's base, the first target should always be hostile targets. A production facility (Barracks, etc.) that is continually pumping out soldiers is considered a hostile target alongside the soldier itself. If the production facility is dormant, leave it alone. But once those are eliminated, and your enemy's base is free reign, you must decide what to target before your opponent can finally halt your assult. Always go for supplies first. Take out any gatherers you can find. After that, take out power (unless GLA) next. Destroying a barracks simply means he cannot produce infantry for a while. If he doesn''t care about infantry it is of no consequence to him. If his power is low, it is a problem in everything he does. Once power is taken offline, go for his structures in order of expense.

    Mobile Units. As a General rule, mobile units are more beneficial than stationary defenses. Use base defenses sparingly and only at key locations. The only real exception to this rule is if your opponent is using heavy air attacks. In this case you may want to sprinkle anti-air emplacements throughout your base. Otherwise, they are rarely needed. It is simply too easy for ground units to just avoid them. It is impossible to cover every possible entrance to your base without spending massive amounts of money. In that case your opponent can dismantle them easily with artillery. A simple tank that is mobile is usually a far better choice.

    When in a battle, knowing what how to handle your troops and how to approach the enemy is vital to the outcome. Follow these guidelines to see the best results from your fights.
    Attack Move. Never use the attack-move command unless you are mopping up the enemy. Using a Humvee filled with pathfinders to kill a large group of infantry is an appropriate time to use the attack-move command, but otherwise it only decreases your efficiency greatly.

    While this is may be common sense, it takes some micromanagement skills to execute this properly on the battlefield. Group your units by damage type so you can always have the right type of unit attacking the right target. Always attack infantry with anti-infantry weapons, tanks with anti-tank weapons, and aircraft with anti-aircraft weapons. It sounds obvious, but the number of the players who forget this in the heat of battle is surprising.

    Targetting Order. Subject to the rules of attack mentioned above, the General targeting order goes as follows: always destroy the unit that has the highest damage to your health ratio first. For instance, the rocket soldier for each side usually has the highest ratio. While it deals massive damage to tanks, it is very easy to kill. Therefore it should be targeted first. Of course that does not mean anti-tank weapons should be used against them. After rocket soldiers, artillery and specialty units should be attacked next because they also do a lot of damage compared to relatively weak armor. Then kill the standard tanks which have a relatively equal damage to armor ratio. Finally, save units that do very little damage as compared to how hard it is to kill them for last. In the most extreme, this includes units that do no damage such as a Troop Crawler. These are the obvious ones, but others are more difficult. For instance, while an un-upgraded Technical will do virtually no damage to your tank group they can also be killed almost instantly. In those cases quick battlefield decisions are needed. Just stick to that mindset overall; most dangerous but weakest units go first.

    There are other things to consider too though. A smart opponent will position these harder to kill units in back, under the protection of more heavily armored units. Do not go out of your way so much to kill them that you are destroyed by the enemy's front line. If it looks like the enemy has too many of these units that you cannot avoid, then that is a battle you want to leave alone.

    Kill Everything. Finally, kill entirely and never let wounded enemies live. Kill each individual unit before moving on to the next one. Aside from movement speed, all units perform at full capacity until the moment of their death (some get slower). A unit that is ninety-nine percent dead is as good as a unit that is undamaged when exchanging fire. This is one of the most basic, yet most important tactics in the whole game.


    Using the terrain well plays a large part in winning battles. Try to capitalize on the natural landscape to always give yourself an edge.

    Height Advantage. Height advantages are huge. Never attack on opponent waiting on higher ground, and always try to secure it for yourself. Units with a height advantage will be able to start shooting units below them long before they are able to return fire. If you need to attack an enemy secured on high ground, use artillery. Unless he wants to sit there and take the hits he will be force to come down and attack giving you the defender's advantage. On the flipside of this, being higher up gives you further attack and FOW sight range, both of which are invaluable. If your opponent is trying to dislodge you with artillery, the best method is to return fire with artillery of your own. Your artillery should win due to their longer range. Don't leave your position unless you know you can win.

    One At A Time. The best way to kill an enemy group is one at a time. A smart enemy will try to prevent this from happening but you can control the terrain to force him into into battle. Narrow passages that force groups into lines are called choke points. These are the best places to set up defenses at. If an enemy is sitting on the other side of the choke point, never charge through it. If you can force your opponent through a choke point, you can easily defeat him with a much smaller force.

    Garrions Buildings. Garrison-able buildings are a very important part of controlling urban settings. Do not spend money on infantry just for the sake of filling up buildings because they are easy to clear out. Only put troops in buildings at key locations. Oftentimes, you will want to have buildings garrisoned in conjunction with your main attack force so they complement each other. This prevents the enemy from easily clearing the building and it also gives you an enormous upper hand if he attacks with traditional units. Like all stationary defenses though, do not overdo them.


    There are a number of different types of units in the game - all of which fall under a few basic categories. They are: anti-infantry, anti-vehicle, main battle unit, anti-aircraft, and artillery. Many units serve multiple functions but in a well-balance attack group the player must have the right proportion of each type of unit. You may have noticed that there is no category for aircraft themselves. This is because air units, excepting the Comanche, have very different properties than the rest of the ground units and are hence used differently. Here you will find a guide on forming your ground attack groups.

    Anti-infantry. Since anti-infantry unit can usually kill infantry on a very high ratio, most of the time very few of them are needed. Bringing five pathfinders instead of two will make almost no difference. The amount of infantry your opponent makes only affects how much anti-infantry units you need very slightly.

    Anti-vehicle. The anti-vehicle category is unique because each side really only has one unit that belongs in it. This is the Rocket Soldier. Because this small unit makes up an entire category all by himself, it is one of the most important units in the game. The outcome of a battle will often be determined by the use of Rocket Soldiers on each side. But due to how easily they are killed, Rocket Soldiers can not simply be used by themselves. Use them very wisely and carefully.

    Main-battle Unit. Main battle units will comprise the majority of your attack force simply because they can easily defeat all the other types of units besides anti-vehicle units. You should try to build as many of these as you can no matter what.

    Anti-aircraft. If your opponent is GLA, you won't be needing any anti-aircraft units. If you know your opponent isn't building any air units, you won't need them there either. This can change a lot though if your opponent is using heavy air power. However, due to the hit-and run nature of aircraft, building excessive amounts of anti-air units does not guarantee you are safe from them. They must be controlled with care.

    Artillery. The amount of artillery units you have should be determined by the aggressiveness of your opponent. The more aggressive he is, the fewer you need, because he is just going to charge right at you making the artillery less effective. A very passive opponent who turtles and tries to avoid most battles is subject to great punishment from artillery, so you should build lots of them.

    Faction Unit List. You will not find every unit listed here, because some units serve different purposes than direct combat. For instance while the Red Guard, Radar Van, and Ambulance each have very important uses, they do not function well in the heat of battle.


    Gattling Tank
    Inferno Cannon
    Overlord with Gattling Cannon

    Tank Hunter

    Main-battle Unit

    Gattling Tank
    Overlord with Gattling Cannon

    Inferno Cannon
    Nuke Cannon

    NOTE: You may have noticed that the Overlord is listed in three categories. This multi-usage is what makes the Overlord so powerful.


    Quad Cannon
    Jarmen Kell

    RPG Trooper

    Main-battle Unit
    Scorpion with Scorpion Rockets

    Quad Cannon

    Rocket Buggy
    SCUD Launcher


    Ranger with Flash-bangs

    Missile Defender

    Main-battle Unit

    Humvee with TOW Missiles

    Tomahawk Missile Launcher

    Following the guidelines above, and then selecting the appropriate units from each category will give you the best attack force possible.


    Superweapons are invaluable in the later parts of the game because of their ability to be used over and over for one initial price. All other units are really only temporary. Once "used" in a battle they will take damage and be destroyed. A top commander will try to limit this, but it is unlikely to fight battles without getting hurt. This is not the case with the Superweapons. In extreme scenarios, where there is no money left on the map and both players have no units left, the player with more Superweapons will win.

    While this will only really happen to a lesser degree, the same mindset applies. Build Superweapons, and use them. They kill turtles and win games. The bottom line in almost all battles is that the defender has the advantage. The real advantage of a Superweapon is not in the physical damage it causes, but in the tactics it forces your opponent into. He will be forced to attack you, allowing you to set up careful defense. He will be rushed and nervous giving you a further edge. Do not use Superweapons in replacement of an army, use them as a complement. This is also the absolute best way to get rid of excess money. Every time you have an extra $5000, build a Superweapon.

    This in no way means that Superweapons are unbalanced or unstoppable. In an equal match the opponent should be able to destroy his opponent's Superweapon with the extra $5000 worth of units he should have. However, many players feign away from this aggressive behavior and will be devastated because of it.


    Virtually everything the player does in the game can be equated to a monetary value. Money governs most of the game, having a superior economy will give you the upper hand throughout. Here are some tips for managing money and maximizing efficiency.

    Primary Money Supply. First and foremost, always try to position the Supply Center as close to the Supply Dock as possible. Then, with the exception of the US Supply Center, rotate the entrance of the Supply Center to be the closest point on the building to the Supply Dock. All this allows for the shortest possible trips and the fastest money gathering.

    Since only one gatherer can collect supplies and one return supplies at any given time there is a limit to the amount of gatherers working efficiently at any given Supply Center. While it varies based on difference, generally the best numbers are as follows:

    China: 2 Supply Trucks
    GLA: 7 Workers
    USA: 2 Chinooks

    Adding more than those numbers to each Supply Center can increase income slightly, but overall the cost of the extra gatherer is greater than the only slightly increased return. This is especially important in the early parts of the game. Adding a third Supply Truck for China has the greatest added affect of all three sides. Depending on how the game is playing out it may be a good idea to add a third truck to each Supply Center later, but save the money at the very beginning.

    A single Supply Center will not generate enough money to keep your base operating at maximum efficiency. It is almost always necessary to set up a second Supply Center at the very beginning of the game. Later, grabbing more is even better, but do not try to go beyond two when first starting out. You simply don't have enough money for this and it will drastically slow you down.

    Secondary Money Supply. Capturing Oil Derricks can be very beneficial. They will give you a $1000 finder's fee plus a steady income after that. While it may seem like a huge benefit, this brings you no where near the money that a standard Supply Center will. Never subvert a Supply Center in favor of an Oil Derrick.

    Be careful about going after Oil Derricks to early. While they will no doubt pay for themselves many times over the cost of the infantry and purchasing the Capture Building upgrade can put a damper on your production capabilities. Build the infantry first and send one to each Oil Derrick you want to capture. Once it looks like you will be able to capture it buy the upgrade so once it's done the derricks can be captured immediately. Doing it this way also allows you to a $1000 refund by canceling the upgrade if you need the money immediately such as if the enemy attacks very early. You don't want the money to be wasted on an upgrade you never had a chance to use.

    Secondary Supply Mangement. The amount of supplies on every map is limited. In a long game, the map's natural resources should only hold you over until you can get your secondary money supply off the ground. For China this is the Hacker, for the GLA, this is the Black Market, and for the USA, this is the Supply Drop Zone. Late in the game, once you start to have a little bit of extra money slowly start to build these secondary money gatherers one at a time. Do not let it slow down your normal unit production, but every time you have the chance, buy one. Once the map's money has all dried up or the players are all fighting for a few remaining resources this should keep you at full powering allowing you to easily crush any opponent who failed to plan ahead. Protect these at all costs. Late in the game they will be your most important assets except for Superweapons.

    Money Management. Money in the bank is wasted money. While by no means should you spend your money just for the sake of getting rid of it, there is always something to buy. Your tank force can never be large enough. You can never have enough upgrades. You can never have enough Superweapons. As simple as this seems, it is easy to forget in the middle of a game and allow money to stockpile. It is unfortunate to watch someone lose a game with thousands left in the bank. If you follow this philosophy generally you will often find yourself with an overwhelming force. It is a very common pitfall for a lot of players that once they have a sizeable tank force, they stop building tanks in favor of more specific tactics and commando style raids. No matter how big their army is, if yours is twice as big you will emerge victorious - usually.


    The following build orders are some of the fastest possible sustainable rushes available for each side. While it is possible to create the first few tanks slightly faster than those listed here, those rushes are a one shot deal. The ones listed allow the player to continually build tanks as fast as possible with no break in production. There are countless different build orders that can be used and these may not be the very best. They can be used, however, as guidelines to help you perfect your own rush to compete with the best players online.

    Keep in mind that speed is everything when rushing. The build orders below are only outlines. The hotkeys for each unit/structure that must be constructed has its hotkey listed next to it, but aside from that, learning the countless small ways to save time is invaluable. Everything from faster scrolling to building placement saves seconds which add up quickly.


    Queue a Dozer (D).

    Construct a Nuclear Reactor (R) with your starting Dozer at its immediate location.
    Send the second Dozer and send it to a secondary Supply Dock.
    Once the Nuclear Reactor is complete order your starting Dozer to build a Supply Center (U) at your primary Supply Dock. Order your second Dozer to build a Supply Center at the secondary Supply Dock
    Once the first Supply Center is complete, queue an extra Supply Truck and order the Dozer to build a War Factory (A) at your base.
    Once the second Supply Center is complete, queue an extra Supply Truck and move the Dozer towards the location of the War Factory already under construction.
    Depending on the map, you should have around $1800 now. As soon as your money rises above $2000, which should be very soon, order the moving Dozer to build a War Factory at its immediate location.
    Queue Battlemasters (B) at each War Factory so as to have as little down time as possible. Depending on what your opponent's situation is, build one or more Dragon Tanks (D) before you attack to destroy infantry and structures.
    From here you should be able to queue tanks from both War Factories with no down time.
    Wait at least until you have enough tanks for the Horde Bonus, but after that attack whenever you feel ready. Just don't wait too long or the whole point of the rush is defeated.

    China's tank rush is the most traditional. The Horde Bonus, which takes affect on groups of tanks five or more, is designed for attacking en masse. It gives your attack group a considerable edge. Take full advantage of the Fire Wall attack on the Dragon tanks. This is your most effective weapon against infantry and structures.


    Queue a Worker (W).
    Construct a Supply Stash at your primary Supply Dock with your starting worker.
    Queue four more workers from your Command Center.
    Send your second Worker to a secondary Supply Dock and have him construct a Supply Stash (U) once he gets there.
    Send your next two workers toward your opponent's base. Don't worry about them traveling too far from your base, they won't go very far.
    Once the first Supply Stash is complete, queue four Workers from it and immediately order both the Workers running toward the enemy's base to build Arms Dealers (A) at their immediate locations.
    Send the next two Workers from your Command Center to gather supplies at the primary Supply Dock.
    Once the second Supply Stash is complete, queue three workers from it.
    After each Arms Dealer is complete, send those Workers to the secondary Supply Dock to gather resources. Start queuing Scorpions (S) at each Arms Dealer.
    After about three Scorpions have been built or are queued from each Dealer, let one Arms Dealer idle for a few seconds until you have $1000. If everything has gone well, you shouldn't have to wait very long. Purchase the Scorpion Rockets upgrade.
    After a couple more Scorpions are complete, move your tanks to just outside the enemy's base.
    As soon as the Scorpion Rocket upgrade is complete, attack.

    Since they don't have power plants and the Workers can double as builders as well as gatherers, the GLA has widest range of possibilities for their build order. This is probably the deadliest rush of all three sides because of the Scorpion Rockets which drastically increase the power of the Scorpions. Also, because the Scorpion tanks are so cheap and the workers bring in many small loads of money, there is very rarely any down time waiting for the next load of money.


    Queue a Dozer (D).
    Order your starting Dozer to build a Cold Fusion Reactor (R).
    Select the Spy Drone General power and place it over the enemy's base.
    Send your second Dozer to a secondary Supply Dock.
    Once the Cold Fusion Reactor is complete, order the Dozer to build a Supply Center (U) at your primary Supply Dock. Have your second Dozer build Supply Center at the secondary Supply Dock.
    When the first Supply Center is complete, queue one Chinook and order the Dozer to build a War Factory.
    Once the second Supply Center is complete, have the Dozer build a Barracks (B).
    Once the Barracks is complete train 2 Missile Defenders (M).
    When the War Factory complete, queue one Humvee (H).
    When the next load of money comes in, build a Crusader (C) and train one more Missile Defender.
    After this, queue Crusaders continuously and load the three Missile Defenders into your Humvee.
    This rush works best when you attack sooner rather than later.

    Micromanage the Humvee to attack key targets while staying away from enemy tanks. Let the Crusaders do the bulk of the work. If the Humvee is about to die, evacuate the troops to keep them alive. Those three Missile Defenders are crucial because an opponent doing a similar rush may likely have you outmatched in tanks. Once out of the Humvee use their Laser Missiles on large enemy vehicles for devastating results.

    The fastest effective rush the US can do involves rocket soldiers in a Humvee which can be very deadly, but must be managed much more carefully. The large, but few and far between, lumps of money the Chinook's carry hurt the US's ability to build with without downtime. While the GLA has a virtually continuous stream of money, the US may be short only a small amount and have to idle for a bit until the next load comes in.


    Pressure. While attacking, continue to queue units from your War Factory and bring them up to the front line. Keep the pressure on your opponent at all times and don't give him time to regroup. If you can put him behind in the tank building race just the slightest bit it should snowball in your advantage.

    Rocket Soldiers. Because of the Rocket Soldiers each side has, it is unlikely for a group of a single type of tanks to defeat a smaller group of tanks with a few rocket soldiers mixed in. All three rushes are forced to use at least one anti-infantry unit (the Scorpion Rockets serve that function for the GLA). If the enemy builds a lot of Rocket Soldiers you must bring more anti-infantry units, reducing the size of your tank force and allowing him time to build defenses. Always be prepared to adapt your rush and substitute the appropriate amount of anti-infantry units instead of tanks based on how many infantry the defender builds. Once you attack, be wary of even the smallest group of Rocket Soldiers. Speed is your advantage here so use it wisely. While you may attack them head on with whatever anti-infantry unit you have, run your main tanks the other way. Infantry are far too slow to catch them.

    Attack Supplies. At every opportunity you have, try to hit his supply gatherers. Just taking out one or two gives you a tremendous advantage. If your opponent is trying to avoid the fight for a bit longer, head straight for his supplies. Not only will you hurt his gatherers greatly but it will also force him to come attack you before he's ready.

    Avoid Defenses. If you encounter any stationary defenses then, unless you have overwhelming numbers, merely move around them and hit him from an unguarded side. It is impossible for him to have every side of his base guarded at this point.

    Regroup constantly. Your strength is in numbers. If many of your tanks get isolated they are much more vulnerable. This is most important right before your first attack. Make sure your tanks will arrive at the battle at the exact same time. Don't them show up in a single file line or with one or two tanks out in front.


    Stop the Rush. Rocket soldiers are the key to stopping the tank rush head on. Even if the defender has many less tanks than the rusher, a small group of rocket soldiers can easily turn the battle in his favor. However, a player can never win by building only rocket soldiers. The tank rusher simply has to pull back his attack and then return with ample anti-infantry units. A smart mix of rocket soldiers and tanks, positioned so they cannot be easily run over, is the death to the tank rush.

    Defending Tanks Early. To get tanks out as fast as possible, the rusher usually forgoes building a barracks at the very beginning of the game. If his opponent opts to use an early annoyance tactic, the rusher can be seriously disrupted because of his inability to build infantry as emergency defense. Until he starts generating tanks, he has virtually no defense which can be capitalized on. Rocket Soldiers will provide you with strong defenses in this case.

    Disrupt Supply Lines. Non-traditional tactics that involve very quick attacks disrupting the enemies supply line or taking pot shots at his tanks can be very effective. If your enemy's cash flow is broken for even the slightest bit, it drastically reduces the effectiveness of the rush. A Humvee, Technical, or Chinook with Rocket Soldiers and basic infantry can outrun the rusher's tanks and cause enough havoc to ruin the rush.



    Cluster Mines. Resist the urge to drop Cluster Mines directly in front of one of your opponent’s production buildings. They will be immediately spotted and removed. Even if it does kill a few units your opponent has time to deal with it. If you mine a key movement point in the field, not only will the enemy not likely detect it, but once he does roll over it he is away from safety and his now inferior force can be crushed by your still healthy battle group.

    Artillery Barrage & Cash Hack. A great combination is an Artillery Barrage of any level and a Cash Hack. Since Supply Docks can be seen through the Fog of War, simply drop the Artillery Barrage where your opponents Supply Center should be. As soon as the shroud is revealed, use your Cash Hack. Not only does this steal his money, but also disrupts his money gathering for some time.

    Firestorm. The firestorm is one of the deadliest weapons in the game. While not nearly as powerful as the US Raptors one on one, groups of MiGs creating Firestorms are far more deadly. Using four MiGs in the middle of an advancing enemy group is absolutely devastating.

    Overloards & Inferno Cannons. One of the best attack combinations China has to offer is a combination of Overlords and Inferno Cannons. Upgrade the Overlord's with Gattling Guns on about a two to one ratio with Speaker Towers. Keep a group of Inferno Cannons in the back to take out everything at long range. Have enough of them and you can even create Firestorms.

    Overcharge. As China you should be able to keep your power on non-stop. If you ever lose power immediately Overcharge one of your Nuclear Reactors to turn it back on and start building another power plant. Be careful not to forget about it though. If it starts taking too much damage, stop it and switch the Overcharge to a different Nuclear Reactor.

    Mining Your Structures. Don't go crazy purchasing mines for all your buildings because that can be costly. It is usually a good idea to put mines around every Nuclear Missile Silo you build and around secondary Supply Centers away from your base. The Command Center can be mined too, but only if you can spare the money. Do not build them at the very start of a game.


    Tunnel Networks. Tunnel Networks can be a key to victory. They only cost a true $200 once the cost of the rocket soldiers is pulled out and they are invaluable to your cause. Troops can be moved around the map instantly and healed in the process. Try to build them at every major location you want to occupy - money permitting.

    Cash Bounty. The Cash Bounty is by far the best General Power the GLA can buy. Over the course of a long game, GLA can obtain an enormous cash advantage due to the income received from every battle fought.

    Rocket Upgrade. Never use Scorpions without the Scorpion Rocket upgrade. It makes them many times more powerful than anything else. Plus, once you have built a lot of Scorpions, the mere $1000 you spent becomes virtually nothing.

    Jarmen Kell & Revel Ambush. A great combination is Jarmen Kell and a Rebel Ambush. After sniping a few vehicles, use the Rebel Ambush right next to them causing havoc in the enemy lines.

    Bomb Trucks. Bomb Trucks are some of the most powerful units in the GLA arsenal. It is often better to disguise them as one of your own units than one of his or a civilian vehicle. If he sees an enemy Scorpion Tank he will likely not respond in the proper way as if it was a Bomb Truck. Whereas if he sees one of his own units or a civilian unit, he will probably see through this disguise immediately. Buy the High Explosive upgrade. It makes the truck much more powerful.

    Radar Van. Assign a Radar Van to control-group zero once you have the Radar Scan upgrade so you can easily select it without having to search for your Radar Van. This is useful because it recharges quite fast.


    Comanche. Comanche's are some of America's deadliest unit because they are the only air unit in the game that can attack continuously without returning to rearm. Any enemy units caught without proper anti-air defense can be torn apart by Comanches.

    Infantry. The US have by far the best infantry of any side. Flash-bangs are a superb anti-infantry weapon, and Laser Missiles are the ultimate anti-tank weapon. Use these functions on your Missile Defenders well. The only thing preventing this combination from being unstoppable is how easy it is to kill them.

    Battle Drones. If you have the money put Battle Drones on most of your tanks, starting with the damaged ones. In every attack group have one or two tanks buy Scout Drones. The entire group gets all the benefit from a single Scout Drone making it a wise investment. Do not build drones on your tanks during a battle. If the tank is destroyed, you lose the money that you spent on it without ever getting the benefit from it.

    Raptors. Keep a few Raptors on stand-by at your Airfield. Assign a separate control-group to each of them. Any time you spot any small target simply select one of the Raptors and target it for an almost guaranteed kill. Raptors can kill most light to medium armored vehicles in one pass.

    Command Center. Assign your Command Center to control-group zero so you can easily select the Spy Satellite power while on the battlefield. This is useful because it recharges quite fast and it can spot enemies at a distance.

    Power. Try your best never to lose power. This is especially important when building Superweapons. One of the worst things you can do is alert your enemies to the fact that you have a Superweapon without the counter ticking. It is easy to forget but try to plan ahead so this doesn't happen to you.

    Particle Cannon. The Particle Cannon is the most useful Superweapon of all three sides. It fires almost immediately so it is the most capable of destroying enemy vehicles instead of simply buildings. Wiping out your opponents tank force is far more effective than taking out a few of his buildings.
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  • jerk ba? csb basketball player, jersey #6. blabbermouth and backstabber. daig pa babae sa pagkatsismoso. beware of the big guy!
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    whahahaa oo nga eh...generals yan!!!hehehhe...nagkamali ng post!hehehe....la lang...naglalaro ka ba nyan?!

    DAti perO D na MasYadO NgayOn La Na TiMe Eh :)
  • si jersey #6, big fat liar sobra. just to protect his reputation. actually i dont wanna be specific. simply put, pinaninindigan nya pagiging 'Player' nya. and 1 more thing, his fame went all the way to his head.
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    DAti perO D na MasYadO NgayOn La Na TiMe Eh :)

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