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Given a chance . . .

how would you like things to go in your life right now?

anything at all you would like to change? why? :(


  • in case there would be a nuclear holocaust, i wanna be a cockroach ;)
  • i really would want to find a time for myself, perhaps a month or so, to just laze around.

    magbasa ng magandang libro, preferably habang katapat ko ang dagat. tapos nakataas paa mo o kaya pakuya-kuyakoy lang. and then, within reach lang ang mango juice or if i want to swim, swim muna. or if i want to sleep, sleep muna. hintayin ang sundown...para matulog ulit. abangan ang sunrise...para matulog, este, magbasa ulit.
  • white_dove
    white_dove freakazoid
    truth is.. i dont wanna change anything in my life right now.. im contented na kc on what i have and whats happening on my life eh.. :)
  • jet320
    jet320 instiller
    that's funny. a cockroach? what if the nuclears are designed to kill cockroaches, too? you wouldn't live a thousand years more.:)

    hey, that's some name. with a poetic touch, ha. perhaps you're real busy in your career, that's why.

    yah, find time for yourself. that should be your first priority--yourself. but not to the point of being narcissistic or selfish, ha.

    that's good to know. not so many people find contentment in their lives right now, esp. with so many changes going on that you think you have to keep up everytime or be left out.

    thanks for the reply.
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