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narrow-minded parents

this guy has been calling me for a while. we talk on the phone for an hour or so. my mom said if he's courting me. i said no. i told her that this guy has a problem about this girl and he has no one to talk to except for maybe me. mom my asked who the guy was and i said jeff (not his real name). and then my mom was making signals to my dad, but i don't know what she's trying to say. yesterday, we watched a movie together with another guy friend.
when we finished the movie my mom picked me up. i introduced jeff to my mom. i was nervous and i don't know why. after we dropped them off to their house, my dad said that i should be bringing a girl friend when i watch a movie. what's that supposed to mean? what's wrong with my 2 guy friends? i trust them and they're not the type that would make "bastos" to me. i don't know what my parents were thinking...help naman...


  • They're just paranoid I suppose.
  • namename PExer
    They're just being over protective. Ganyan naman ang parents eh. "Worst case scenario" parati ang iniisip. :hopeless:

    My parents were like that rin when I was younger. We were not allowed to go out nga even pag puro girls kami. And pinagbabawal ako to be friends with some people. Basta. Sobrang narrow minded rin.

    Pero ngayon, hinahayaan na nila ako. hehehe :D

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